Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School Pt. 1

Well, it's official. Summer vacation is finally over. The girls went back to school today!!

They were SO excited. Melodie is in 4th grade this year, and it's her last year in grade school. She'll be a middle-schooler next fall! Ari is in 1st grade and very excited to see her friends again.

Lucky for us, all of the elementary schools are starting at 9:25 this year, so here's hoping no more tardies!! lol

This morning went very smoothly. It was a little surprising how smoothly it went, actually.

Atley goes for his KRA-L assessment test tomorrow. Then, his first day of school will be Thursday. I admit it, I'll probably cry when my sweet little baby boy goes to school. He is completely my little momma's boy, my little poppet, and I'll miss him horribly. Charlie and I are going to have fun together, though!

Yesterday, we canned for the first time! Dan had made some pasta sauce, so we decided to give it a try before our tomato crop comes in and we're swimming in tomatoes without a clue on how to can! It was a success, and we're very proud of ourselves! lol We got a half dozen pints. I think I'm going to need to get some more jars, though. We have ALOT of tomatoes that will be done. This batch was just from cans of tomatoes from the store. Our tomatoes are homegrown organic....I can't wait!

And, I finally finished Ari's snitch socks...better late than never! (ok, actually I finished them a few days ago, but here is the pic.)

I also finally fixed the neck band on Charlie's Imagine Peace Vest last night. I'm hoping to get some pics of him in it with my snowball bush this week.


Anonymous said...

Soooooo... How do you can? I've always wanted to try it but was too scared.

Snitch socks look great!!!

Lastly, did you cry?

Shari@aPsychMommy said...

I always wanted to try canning some jams or sauces, but I don't have any of the necessary supplies or the time! That's pretty awesome though that you grow your own organic tomatoes :)

Tammi said...

Those are such adorable socks!!!

Could you hear that???...the collective sigh from all the parents in the city, when the first day of school came??? LOL, I know I did!