Wednesday, December 31, 2008

White New Year's!

Well, we didn't have a White Christmas, but it looks to be a White New Year's!! I don't know how much snow we got, but it was enough for the kids to go outside and play! Of course, Ari stayed out for about 15 minutes. She was back inside before the other 2 even got out there. Atley lasted about 10. I think they only go out long enough to justify me making hot chocolate! As soon as they walk through the door, that's the first word out of their mouths! I did realize we are woefully lacking in snow attire this year, though! I forgot we're short an Ari-sized snow suit and Melodie's abnormally large feet have grown again, and she's in need of new boots!

I finally finished Ari's sock. I'm torn. I REALLY want to start my new socks, but she loved it, and really wants me to make the other one so she can wear them. Looks like I'll be getting a new set of DPN's!

I got my Christmas tree taken down yesterday. A new year, a new start! I also went through a few boxes while I was in the attic! I got rid of 2 boxes of stuff, and a bag full of empty boxes went out to the recycling! (Which did not come...AGAIN!! Republic Waste Service is the WORST trash company we have ever dealt with. They never pick up our recycling on time. They throw our trash cans in the street. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I have to call them and complain at least twice a month!) Sorry about the little rant. At least now I got out into cyberspace they are crap!

Oooo...the snow just started coming down pretty good again!! Ari just went back out to play.

Monday, December 29, 2008

On the up and up

Well, we seem to finally be getting better! Of course Dan came down with it yesterday, and poor Ari was still struggling with it off and on, but everyone is feeling much better today! I just got hit with my yearly winter-long sinus infection (yay) and my neck is killing me from laying at funky angles on the couch all weekend, but I feel so much better! I may have to stitch up a neck roll with flax seeds in it this evening.

So, I got my Knit Picks order! Yay! That made me feel better Saturday when I felt so crappy. I even worked Ari's sock I've had OTN for months down to the foot part. I've only got an inch or 2 to go until the toe shaping...then I can have my DPN's for MY socks with my new Wicked Witch yarn! (Unless it's not done before Saturday...then I'm getting another set of size 1 DPN's at Joann's while I'm there.) I also ordered a maple bottom whorl drop spindle from ebay and some roving so I can learn to spin! (Lori, you're a bad influence!!) ;0) I did get a set of Boye interchangeable circ's from Dan! And he also got me an interchangeable set of eensy weensy crochet hooks for crochet thread....hey, he dug his own hole with starting me on that one! lol So, now I'll be getting some crochet thread, too!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas....

I hope yours were all better than ours! Christmas Eve ended rocky, to say the least. Then, Christmas morning (I was up before the kids....yes, I am the biggest kid of all...Dan's right)presents went okay. Ari got all the finger puppets, and she was thrilled! The girls loved their VW Hats. Atley opened his sweater and tossed it when he saw it was clothes. When I unwrapped it the rest of the way and showed him what it really was, he was so excited! I'll try to get a picture of it later.

My grandparents dropped by on their way to my dad's, and my grandma had a box full of gifts. Ari was right behind her, and one fell and the corner hit her right under the eye. She had a quick recovery after she opened her new Barbie, though.

So, I spent the afternoon working on getting the house cleaned for the in-laws. Dan and the kids watched "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo." (I get them a Love Bug movie every year.) Things went okay for awhile. Then, Mr. Stomach Flu decided Christmas was a perfect time to drop in completely unannounced in our house! Atley said his tummy didn't feel good. My BIL's girlfriend said maybe it's just gas. He said no and promptly yakked all over the couch...and my BIL. Got that cleaned up and him to bed...and Ari vomited all over her room. Then, as I was cleaning the vomit from the Barbie shoes and new Christmas clothes that were in the cross fire, I got it, too. Avoid our house like the plague! lol

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!!

Yay! It's almost here! The kids are SO excited today. I am almost done with gifts. Here is a pic of my last few days' worth of work! From the top left, there is 1 slipper for my dad (who isn't coming til the day after Christmas now, so I've got plenty of time to finish the other. It's already half done.) Then, there is the hat I made for my SIL. At the bottom are Atley's little wristies, and then the all turquoise ones are for my grandma, and the ones with the gray trim are for my SIL to go with the hat (I added the trim to coordinate.) Today, I've got to finish a hat for my BIL's girlfriend and do a pair of wrist warmers for her. I've got to do 2 dish cloths for my MIL and GMIL. Then, I need to do another for my step mom and the other slipper by Friday. I think I can do it!

We got our chocolate chip cookies and 7 layer cookies made yesterday. I've got work today and baking and cleaning. Oh, and we need to start tracking Santa!! If you've never done it before, we do the NORAD tracks Santa every year. It's pretty cool. The kids love it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

How Cold Can it Get?!?!

It was 4 degrees this morning when I got on the computer...not counting the wind chill!! Brrrr!!!

I finished Atley's wristies last night. I didn't put the bat symbol on them yet. Dan said to leave them plain, so I might not at all. I post pics later. Dan FINALLY got started on the kids' puppet theater yesterday! I think it's going to look great. I hope to get a few more finger puppets done for it, too.

We had Christmas at my mom's Saturday. With my "spend on me" money, I placed an order to Knit Picks today! I've ordered Imagination sock yarn in "Wicked Witch" that I'm going to do the Spring Forward sock pattern in. I also ordered the Shine Sport in Green Apple and Grass to make Charlie a Sheldon. And a few other goodies. I'm pacing myself. I'm still going to need to get my drop spindle if I don't get one from Dan. I'm also hopefully getting a set of interchangeable circs, too! (If not, momma is NOT going to be very happy!)

The kids are bouncing off the walls. I can't wait for school to start back! Poor little Ari, she cried and cried this morning because she misses her teacher. Melodie has been making loom potholders all morning. My mom got her a nylon loom weaving set. Right now, she is making a square to turn into a little purse. I still have to decorate the little canvas bag she's getting for Christmas. It's going to be for her knitting and crocheting. I got her a little pair of size 10's (I think) bamboo (I think) needles from Hearthsong. I'm going to throw some of my scrap balls of yarn in the bag and let her have at it. (Well, after I teach her how to knit, which she's been begging me to do! My mom showed her how to crochet a few weeks ago.) Ari got a fairy cookie making set, so we're probably going to be making those tomorrow. We're out of cookies, anyway, so we need something to leave for Santa. I'm also making some more fudge, some 7 layer cookies, some rice krispie treats, and probably some more spritz cookies. Not to mention, I've got 2 hats, a pair of wrist warmers, 3 dishcloths, and preferably 2 pairs of mens's slippers to make....yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Yule!

I almost forgot to post! yikes! Merry Yule to everyone!! Have a great day, and may the light grow in your life, as the calendar turns and the daylight grows towards spring. We will be celebrating with a Yule log tonight! I'll try to post some pictures if it turns out better than last year's! (It was a yule compost pile, not log! I think I've got a better idea for it this year, though! It may be log-like yet!)

All Aboard!!!

Well, we rode the Polar Express!! Atley LOVED it! I think all of the kids had a really good time. Ari was scared, at first. My mom had to literally remove her from the car. She was afraid we were going to get hurt going across ice, like in the movie. She remained a little reserved the whole trip, but I think she enjoyed herself.

We were in car #9, which was the last car, farthest away from the station! We were, however, at the head of the train, and the first ones to the North Pole! The engineer even let Atley hold his lamp for the picture! Here are the kids outside the train: polarexpress 001a

Here we are, safely boarded, with our tickets!polarexpress 002a

We listened to an elf read the story of "The Polar Express." Then, we were served our hot chocolate and a cookie. We listened to some of the soundtrack from the movie, and we finally arrived to the North Pole! polarexpress 013aThe kids were super excited. We saw Frosty, Rudolph, Mr. Grinch (Ari's favorite), and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus. Then, we had another little panic attack from poor Ari. See, they shut the interior lights off in the train when we got to the North Pole so we could see all the lights and everything better. Well, as I said, we were the first car, so after we got through, we plunged into near darkness in the woods. Then, the train came to a complete stop. Of course, we were just getting ready to head back home, but Ari thought something happened and started crying that we were stuck in the woods. I told them we were just waiting for Santa to get on. Atley also said, "It's okay Ari, we're just going to go back home the other way." So, we started to head back through the North Pole, and saw Santa standing outside, and they were so upset that no one would get the first gift of Christmas. Well, lucky for us, we stopped right at the edge, and Santa jumped on, and we were the first car to see him! All of the children got to tell Santa what they wanted, and he signed their tickets. (Some people had him sign their books, but of course since we don't have it or the DVD (yet) and didn't even think of that if we had, he signed our tickets!) Here is my favorite picture of the whole trip. Ari getting to talk to Santa: polarexpress 018a

After we left the North Pole, we sang Christmas Carols. The trip home, as always, seemed much quicker than the trip there. (Isn't that odd how that always works?) The kids had a great time. In the gift shop before we boarded, we got Charlie a little engineer bear since he stayed home with daddy. Hopefully next year, we can all go. Atley was completely thrilled, and the girls had fun. Heck, I even had a great time! I'd never been on a train before, either. What better first train ride, than a magic train ride, right?

Sugar Cookie Frock GIVEAWAY!!!! cute is THIS?!?!

Ari would love this to cook in.

Sugar Cookie Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more day!

We go on the Polar Express in 1 more day! I'm so excited. Even Melodie getting 2 tardies this week has not driven me crazy!! (My god, will they please give that kid a detention so I can maybe, finally break her of this habit!?!?) I'm going to get everything ready tonight. Dan is going to stay home with Charlie, and I'm going to take the big kids.

Tomorrow are the girls' Christmas parties at school. I've been in to school every day this week. I almost welcome the 2 week break of not having to get up at 6:30....but, that will be 2 weeks of extra children at home to drive me nuts while I'm trying to work! Hopefully, they will be entranced enough with their new presents that they'll be slightly subdued. They'll also have a couple new movies to watch.

I got one of Atley's wristies done last night. I didn't do it quite like the pattern said. I had to make it bigger to fit his hand, and the pattern was making it really pouffy around the hand part. I measured his hand today. I may end up frogging the one I did do and winging my own pattern now that I have his exact measurements.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Got 'Em!!!

My mom won! She won the tickets for the polar express! I am SO excited. I had a REALLY crappy morning this morning (let's just say Melodie wouldn't get ready again, and her hair was still damp and when I brushed it at school, it made snowflakes!), and she called and gave me the news. I am on cloud 9 now. I want to tell Atley SO bad. I hope I can hold out until Friday!! We go at 7:30 Friday night. My mom gave me the tickets tonight at Ari's Christmas program. (She did so good. She was so cute in her little green dress. I'd post a pic, but we were so far away from the stage, she was just a speck.) I can't wait!! Melodie was so bummed because Ari brought home a letter that said Friday will be Polar Express Day in kindergarten, and to wear their pajamas because they'll be going on the Polar Express. (which I know they're not physically going anywhere because we didn't get a permission slip) But poor Melodie is convinced Ari's taking a trip to the North Pole from school on Friday.

Tomorrow, Melodie has her Thomas Edison Day invention showing. We'll be going to school to see all of the kids inventions.

I finished 2 more projects. I did the Ghost Finger Puppet:program 001

I also finished Charlie's Baby Triceratops. I think he turned out really cute! Here he is: program 010

I also got started on Atley's Batman Wristies. (He asked for a pair of fingerless gloves since he saw me making pair upon pair.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another gift down...sort of!

Well, I did the pair of wrist warmers that I was going to give to my SIL yesterday...and, even with a bigger hook, they just fit me, and I LOVE them, so I'm keeping them! ;0) Dan said to give her the pair I made myself, so I'm going to add some trim and maybe embellish those a bit and box them up for her and keep these awesome new ones for me!

We FINALLY did our gingerbread house yesterday, too. We decided it looked like Snoopy's dog house, so that's what we decorated it as! I've had some little plastic Snoopy ornaments from the top of an M&M candy cane since I was a little girl, so we used one of those, and voila!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fairy Tale Finger Puppets

Here they are! I just did the faces with Sharpies because it's midnight and I'm beat. Charlie is running a fever, so it will likely be a long night tonight. :0( BUT, I got the Fairy Tale Finger Puppets done, at least the ones that the pattern was actually for. I will probably add the king, queen, ogre, and donkey some other time. The picture is kind of blurry, but again, I'm not at top picture taking form at midnight! Tomorrow, I'm hoping to knock out the fingerless mitts for my SIL, and maybe get another few rows done on her afghan while the kids are awake. (Or, well I guess later today.) Then after they go to bed, knock out a couple more finger puppets!

Lori, your kids would love these,too! Wanna learn to crochet Tuesday? ;0) You can help me design the Little House puppets!! Ari will love us both then.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finger Puppet Pandemonium!

Ok, I'm really getting the finger puppet bug! Dan better get that puppet stage made! If you'll notice my WIP's bars, they have grown exponentially. These little guys are so fast to whip up, I'm hoping to knock them out fairly quickly, so I just opened projects for all of them and am going to take them out one at a time!

I started the Fairy Tale Finger Puppets last night. I've got the dragon and knight done so far. The knight is TOO cute! I'm hoping to finish the noble steed and damsel tonight. I may also do a king, queen, and ogre (and eventually probably donkey and Fiona, too.) That way, they can have a Shrek set. (Ari LOVES Shrek.)

I've got a ghost, witch, and scarecrow pattern. I think I'll do a Dorothy, Tin Man, and Lion to go along with those, so they'll have a Wizard of Oz set. (Ari LOVES Wizard of Oz.)

The Farmyard Finger Puppets are cute! I might add a cow, just to round out the bunch. Of course, when I saw the pattern for Small Bob, I had to add that! How can we have finger puppets without our Sway? (yup, we have a Boston Terrier, just like Bob!) Then that got me thinking, how cool would it be for the kids to each have a finger puppet of themselves!?!

Of course, I've got the Puppet Pal grown ups! You can't have Ron, Harry, and Hermione without Voldy, Dumbledore, and Snape! I might have to do a Prof. McGonnagal, Hagrid, Hedwig, Malfoy, Luna....ok, you get the picture. (And yes, again Ari LOVES HP....yes, Ari is a couch potato, for anyone wondering!)

I also added the Little Red Riding Hood topsy-turvy doll I've had queued forever. I'm going to make it a touch bigger because I'm going to use the Red Heart stash. I had a topsy-turvy Red when I was a little girl, though she is made out of fabric and about a foot tall. She had Red on one end, and you flip her over for Granny, and if you pull the hat towards Granny's face and turn it around, you have the wolf in Granny's clothes! I've still got her in the attic. She's kind of threadworn, so I didn't give her to the girls because I knew she wouldn't make it! I also added the baby Triceratops because Charlie doesn't really need any of the plastic junk toys that are out there, but he still needs a little bit of a stocking stuffer, so a little soft baby dino for him to play with is just perfect!

I was also tagged by Erika over at Inspired Mama Musings for a meme:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I share a birthday with one of my great-grandmas (and was born a day before my dad's cousin. We were in the nursery at the hospital together and went to high school together!)

2. My mom wanted to name me Wendy, but didn't want me to get made fun of because of the fast food restaurant, so changed it to Michelle after the Beatles song. (And my middle name, Renee, was taken after my oldest cousin. Her daughter also has it, and it's Arianna's middle name. Melodie's middle name is Rose shared with my mom, one of her sisters, and one of my cousins, but it gave her my initials.)

3. Other than my family and crafting, Art and Music are 2 of my passions (hence Melodie's name, and we were considering naming Ari, Aria, but figured people would butcher the pronunciation, so went with Arianna which also means silvery, and she was our "second".) In my brief stint in college, I was an Art and French double major, and I can't wait for the day I can get an easel to paint again!

4. Speaking of French, I went to France, love it, miss it, and dearly want to go again! I drug the group of friends I was with all over Paris until we found Pere Lachaise Cemetery to visit Jim Morrison's grave!! We also got to go to Giverny to Claude Monet's house and see the Japanese Bridge and where he painted Waterlilies. We also went to Normandy to the American cemetery and our crazy little group braved the threat of wild boars to go down to the beach where the soldiers landed.

5. I'm an only child, and I hate it! I vowed to never have an only child. (And incidentally always wanted 2 boys and 2 girls!)

6. In high school, I was in charge of wardrobe for our sophomore musical, "Oklahoma!"; was a prop person junior year for "Grease"; and head prop person senior year for "Barnum."

Ok, now since I know most of you just did the 7 things, I'm not going to have many people to tag. But, I will tag Five Left Feet, Daisy Mum, and CiCi!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One more down!

I got another project / gift done last night! I got Ari's set of Potter Puppet Pal kids finger puppets done...finally!

Charlie slept through the night last night! This is like the second or third time ever, and the first time he slept from 8:30-6:30 without waking up at around 11 for a snack! YaY!! Are full nights of sleep in my near future?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tree Lighting Wrap Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wow!! Another BEAUTIFUL Grosgrain giveaway! Ari would die for this!

Tree Lighting Wrap Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Our Christmas Picture

Here is the Christmas picture of the kids for this year! I tried to get one last night, but our living room is so dark, even with the cheery, light blue walls. Plus, Dan was "helping" by standing behind me to get Charlie to look. The only problem was, he was apparently standing to the left of me because Atley was the only one looking at the camera...everyone else was looking to the side. So, I did it after school, in the semi-light (though it's a dreary day, so still kind of dark in the picture, even with a light pointed at them!), and here it is!!!

Keep Your Finger Crossed!

If anyone would want to give us any sort of luck you can, I'd sure appreciate it! Atley dearly loves trains (if I haven't said that enough already.) He is obsessed with the Polar Express. (Which I finally just bought for him for Christmas...yay!!) He is so excited when he sees the preview on "Prisoner of Azkaban", and then just devastated when he realizes it's really POA. (He is anti-Harry Potter...enough is enough for him, though he did just tell me the other day he likes the Hogwarts Express, again. For his birthday, before Dan could even ask him at the train store, he saw it and went ballistic "That's not mine, it's Ari's, I don't want that. I don't like that. I'm not getting that. That's Ari's not mine." Poor kid!!) Anyway, the local train line here has a Polar Express train in the winter. It would have cost us $150 for all of us to go. So, we resigned ourselves to not going. Well, my mom called me this morning, and her work purchased 30 sets of 4 tickets! They're giving them away to employees. (To put it into perspective, she works for a pretty big hospital, and they have over 5000 employees.) She put in for the drawing. I want more than anything else I could hope for to give this to Atley (and the girls...but he'll truly enjoy it the most.) My mom always wins stuff from work and radio stations. Just in the past couple months, she's won 2 gift cards and a CD! Hopefully, her luck will hold out. She's also going to see if there is a list of people who won't need all 4 tickets that would be willing to give one up for Dan. Any luck anyone can send our way would be appreciated! It would surely make not only Atley's Christmas, but it would probably be his best memory to date, and who knows, possibly of his childhood. He lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps trains. This would be so big for him.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Neat Site for free jewelry!

This site has free silver jewelry that you just pay shipping on. I haven't gotten anything from them yet, but I hear through the grapevine it is quality stuff. Jeannie posted about this in the HP Knitting/Crochet House Cup on Rav.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Important: Check this out!

As a mother, I'm of course concerned about the safety of the kids' toys. I try not to buy things made in China. I try to make them as many toys as I possibly can! The CPSC had some new legislation passed which put into effect more stringent testing requirements for toys. This is great for the big toy companies importing everything coated in lead from sweatshops in China. This is very bad, as it stands, for mom and pop toymakers, or even us yarnies who want to make a few extra bucks in our Etsy shops or craft fairs! This was on the CLF board on Rav, and I just wanted to make sure it reached as many people as it could! It has also been hinted that this could affect sales on Ebay, donations to thrift stores, etc. Of course, they can't police everybody all the time, but would it be the worth the risk? I'm going to be very curious to see how this one pans out.

Click the title or here for the website.

Another week.....

Well, I finally got the girls to clean their room yesterday. It's not perfect, but they have a floor! And it has carpet! I thought their floor was made out of littlest pet shop and Polly Pocket.

I finished my wrist warmers yesterday. My hands are nice and toasty while I type this! I've still got enough yarn that I think I might be able to make a pair for my grandma out of the same Eco Soft I made mine and my mom's! She's got arthritis, and it got me thinking that it's probably hard for her to get her hands in regular gloves, and she could probably use a little extra warmth on her hands to keep her joints from getting as cold!

I also started a pair of tube socks for Charlie. I wanted to make leg warmers, but Dan says that's too girly. I had to modify the pattern because they were newborn size and didn't even come close to being wide enough for the ham hocks that make Charlie's legs! I think I made it a little bit too big, though. I'm going to make the second one a bit smaller and longer and if that fits, I'll just frog the first one and make one to match the better fitting one!

Tonight, I am FINALLY going to take the kids' pictures for our cards. It got too late yesterday, but I actually got an almost full day of work in again! Dear lord, this check might actually be somewhere close to normal! (I know, I won't have any work the rest of the week now. I just jinxed myself.) Last night, Dan and I gave Ari her Christmas dress. I had wrapped it for her. She's going to wear it in her picture and to her program at school next week. She's so excited for her program.

ETA: Melodie was late for school today! She pulled her not getting out of the bathtub thing again. This time, I know she was late. Ari got in there right when the kids were going to their classrooms. It took another 10 minutes or better for me to get Melodie's hair brushed and her finish her waffle. I just don't know what I'm going to do with that kid! They've instituted detentions at school recently. My friend teaches high school, and she said more than 3 tardies gets detention. Do you think that might actually be incentive enough for her? I asked her today, as she was crying she was cold, if that would inspire her to get ready...she said maybe. Not yes...MAYBE. I give up!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

We got a couple of inches of snow yesterday! I hate snow, so bad. I hope after Christmas, we don't get any more snow this winter. I know that won't happen, though, because this is crappy Ohio, and if this winter is anything like the last couple winters, we're looking at another foot or so sometime in January-February.

We had fun at the b-day party yesterday. The girls had a blast playing, and there were all kinds of little boys there for Atley to play with.

I made myself a wrist warmer last night. I'm halfway done with #2. I used the same pattern and yarn as the ones I made my mom. Quick, soft, and easy! I'm going to knit a nice super warm wool pair after the X-mas stuff is done in my hand dyed yarn from the black walnuts.

After a marathon present wrapping stint, I've decided if I don't get anymore stuff done for the kids, that's okay, so I'm not stressing about it anymore. They have got plenty, and I am, for the most part, completely done with my X-mas shopping!

Tonight, we are going to take the kids pictures to send out in our holiday cards. Hopefully it will go easier than the last time. I think it should. The kids are all older (last time they were 5, 2, and 1) and Charlie is a good, smiley baby, so as long as the big kids cooperate, we should be good to go!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fun Day!

Today, we are going to the birthday party of my friend's twin boys. They are just a bit younger than Atley, and her daughter is just a bit younger than Melodie, so we all have great fun playing. The boys are getting a train cake, so Atley is just excited beyond measure. I'm just bummed he won't be able to wear his train sweater! :0( Darn Santa Claus not making deliveries until the 24th!

She is the friend who taught me how to purl, and opened the wonderful world of knitting beyond squares, rectangles, and garter stitch! I give her sewing help, and she is my knitting guru.

Friday, December 5, 2008

No More Herbie Hats!

I did's done! Everyone in this family (except me) will have their Herbie hat! Of course, now Dan says his is itchy, and he wants me to have it because he thinks it shrunk. (Yeah, like acrylic can shrink.) So, now he says he wants me to have it and make him a new one out of cotton!! I just can't win. Out of all the projects for this pattern on Rav, I have done 1/10 of them personally!! Anyway, it's done. vwhat5 001

Now, since I got new hooks Tuesday, hopefully I can go back to my Harry Potter Puppet Pals finger puppets for Ari. Dan still needs to build the puppet theater. He needs to do it soon, because I'll have to measure for material to make the curtains! (We're trying to give the kids a handmade Christmas and thought it would be really cool to make them a puppet theater they can all use!)

It is crazy cold out today. I'm thinking about making matching mittens for the girls' hats. Atley wants a pair of fingerless gloves. (He saw me making ones for grandma, so now he wants a pair.) I'm going to do them in black and embroider a Batman symbol on it, I think. I'll never be done!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maple Lane: Holiday Apron Giveaway!

Here is another giveaway to check out for the chance to win a beautiful apron!

Maple Lane: Holiday Apron Giveaway!

Well, I tried to post yesterday.....

BUT, I got caught up in work...we had some, so I took advantage of it and almost got a whole day's work...even being at the bad hospital! I am back and blogging today, though!

I had tried to blog about how glad I am to be knocking out my gift list. I got another project done last night. I made my MIL a pair of fingerless gloves: x-mas car 002If I keep up with this pace, I might actually get most of my stuff done this year!

I'm hoping to get some festive pictures up soon of the kids and the tree and all that fun stuff. Atley has been so excited!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Two More Gifts Done!

Well, last night I completed my Mom's wrist warmers. (This pattern on Rav.) I didn't do the shell because I'm making these for her to wear at work, and I figured it would be irritating to type all day with rufflies. I am very excited to make myself a pair if and when I get all of my gifts done!

I also finished Ari's VW Hat. (This pattern on Rav.) I've only got Melodie's left to do, then I'm done with the VW hats!