Friday, December 5, 2008

No More Herbie Hats!

I did's done! Everyone in this family (except me) will have their Herbie hat! Of course, now Dan says his is itchy, and he wants me to have it because he thinks it shrunk. (Yeah, like acrylic can shrink.) So, now he says he wants me to have it and make him a new one out of cotton!! I just can't win. Out of all the projects for this pattern on Rav, I have done 1/10 of them personally!! Anyway, it's done. vwhat5 001

Now, since I got new hooks Tuesday, hopefully I can go back to my Harry Potter Puppet Pals finger puppets for Ari. Dan still needs to build the puppet theater. He needs to do it soon, because I'll have to measure for material to make the curtains! (We're trying to give the kids a handmade Christmas and thought it would be really cool to make them a puppet theater they can all use!)

It is crazy cold out today. I'm thinking about making matching mittens for the girls' hats. Atley wants a pair of fingerless gloves. (He saw me making ones for grandma, so now he wants a pair.) I'm going to do them in black and embroider a Batman symbol on it, I think. I'll never be done!


Jennifer said...

A puppet theater! That sounds so fun. (And also, it makes me think of The Sound of Music--granted, I doubt yours will include marionettes and Julie Andrews.)

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

It's getting cold here to in md. Love the hat! Very cool blog.