Monday, December 1, 2008

Two More Gifts Done!

Well, last night I completed my Mom's wrist warmers. (This pattern on Rav.) I didn't do the shell because I'm making these for her to wear at work, and I figured it would be irritating to type all day with rufflies. I am very excited to make myself a pair if and when I get all of my gifts done!

I also finished Ari's VW Hat. (This pattern on Rav.) I've only got Melodie's left to do, then I'm done with the VW hats!


Jennifer said...

That hat is so cute!

Laux said...

I love the wrist warmers, nice color choice. :)

Diana said...

Love the VW hat. It would look so fab with my Beetle. Can you make me one in beige?

Just Kidding...nice work though!