Monday, December 22, 2008

How Cold Can it Get?!?!

It was 4 degrees this morning when I got on the computer...not counting the wind chill!! Brrrr!!!

I finished Atley's wristies last night. I didn't put the bat symbol on them yet. Dan said to leave them plain, so I might not at all. I post pics later. Dan FINALLY got started on the kids' puppet theater yesterday! I think it's going to look great. I hope to get a few more finger puppets done for it, too.

We had Christmas at my mom's Saturday. With my "spend on me" money, I placed an order to Knit Picks today! I've ordered Imagination sock yarn in "Wicked Witch" that I'm going to do the Spring Forward sock pattern in. I also ordered the Shine Sport in Green Apple and Grass to make Charlie a Sheldon. And a few other goodies. I'm pacing myself. I'm still going to need to get my drop spindle if I don't get one from Dan. I'm also hopefully getting a set of interchangeable circs, too! (If not, momma is NOT going to be very happy!)

The kids are bouncing off the walls. I can't wait for school to start back! Poor little Ari, she cried and cried this morning because she misses her teacher. Melodie has been making loom potholders all morning. My mom got her a nylon loom weaving set. Right now, she is making a square to turn into a little purse. I still have to decorate the little canvas bag she's getting for Christmas. It's going to be for her knitting and crocheting. I got her a little pair of size 10's (I think) bamboo (I think) needles from Hearthsong. I'm going to throw some of my scrap balls of yarn in the bag and let her have at it. (Well, after I teach her how to knit, which she's been begging me to do! My mom showed her how to crochet a few weeks ago.) Ari got a fairy cookie making set, so we're probably going to be making those tomorrow. We're out of cookies, anyway, so we need something to leave for Santa. I'm also making some more fudge, some 7 layer cookies, some rice krispie treats, and probably some more spritz cookies. Not to mention, I've got 2 hats, a pair of wrist warmers, 3 dishcloths, and preferably 2 pairs of mens's slippers to make....yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen!

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cici said...

It's pretty cold here too. Around 13 with a chill of about 7 below. I love the cold, but not the Snow or ice. Sounds like you are busy as a little elf over there. Merry Christmas!