Monday, December 29, 2008

On the up and up

Well, we seem to finally be getting better! Of course Dan came down with it yesterday, and poor Ari was still struggling with it off and on, but everyone is feeling much better today! I just got hit with my yearly winter-long sinus infection (yay) and my neck is killing me from laying at funky angles on the couch all weekend, but I feel so much better! I may have to stitch up a neck roll with flax seeds in it this evening.

So, I got my Knit Picks order! Yay! That made me feel better Saturday when I felt so crappy. I even worked Ari's sock I've had OTN for months down to the foot part. I've only got an inch or 2 to go until the toe shaping...then I can have my DPN's for MY socks with my new Wicked Witch yarn! (Unless it's not done before Saturday...then I'm getting another set of size 1 DPN's at Joann's while I'm there.) I also ordered a maple bottom whorl drop spindle from ebay and some roving so I can learn to spin! (Lori, you're a bad influence!!) ;0) I did get a set of Boye interchangeable circ's from Dan! And he also got me an interchangeable set of eensy weensy crochet hooks for crochet thread....hey, he dug his own hole with starting me on that one! lol So, now I'll be getting some crochet thread, too!


azoyizes said...

Feel better fast! It's strange, but I got an order from Knit Picks last week. I had to return two items, which has never happened with them before. The Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle Tips came apart. The key for the cables didn't fit in the hole.

However, I did get Harmony Wood straights and Swish pale lemon merino yarn to make a friend a scarf. Now, I've got four projects going, and loving every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

I so totally deny that I'm a bad influence. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and azoyizes, I've heard about that happening with Knit Picks interchangeables. I guess the trick is to always use the key to tighten them.