Monday, December 8, 2008

Another week.....

Well, I finally got the girls to clean their room yesterday. It's not perfect, but they have a floor! And it has carpet! I thought their floor was made out of littlest pet shop and Polly Pocket.

I finished my wrist warmers yesterday. My hands are nice and toasty while I type this! I've still got enough yarn that I think I might be able to make a pair for my grandma out of the same Eco Soft I made mine and my mom's! She's got arthritis, and it got me thinking that it's probably hard for her to get her hands in regular gloves, and she could probably use a little extra warmth on her hands to keep her joints from getting as cold!

I also started a pair of tube socks for Charlie. I wanted to make leg warmers, but Dan says that's too girly. I had to modify the pattern because they were newborn size and didn't even come close to being wide enough for the ham hocks that make Charlie's legs! I think I made it a little bit too big, though. I'm going to make the second one a bit smaller and longer and if that fits, I'll just frog the first one and make one to match the better fitting one!

Tonight, I am FINALLY going to take the kids' pictures for our cards. It got too late yesterday, but I actually got an almost full day of work in again! Dear lord, this check might actually be somewhere close to normal! (I know, I won't have any work the rest of the week now. I just jinxed myself.) Last night, Dan and I gave Ari her Christmas dress. I had wrapped it for her. She's going to wear it in her picture and to her program at school next week. She's so excited for her program.

ETA: Melodie was late for school today! She pulled her not getting out of the bathtub thing again. This time, I know she was late. Ari got in there right when the kids were going to their classrooms. It took another 10 minutes or better for me to get Melodie's hair brushed and her finish her waffle. I just don't know what I'm going to do with that kid! They've instituted detentions at school recently. My friend teaches high school, and she said more than 3 tardies gets detention. Do you think that might actually be incentive enough for her? I asked her today, as she was crying she was cold, if that would inspire her to get ready...she said maybe. Not yes...MAYBE. I give up!

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Jennifer said...

Little chubby baby legs!

If it's any consolation, I know getting detention once for being late broke me of the habit. It was very upsetting...