Friday, December 26, 2008

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas....

I hope yours were all better than ours! Christmas Eve ended rocky, to say the least. Then, Christmas morning (I was up before the kids....yes, I am the biggest kid of all...Dan's right)presents went okay. Ari got all the finger puppets, and she was thrilled! The girls loved their VW Hats. Atley opened his sweater and tossed it when he saw it was clothes. When I unwrapped it the rest of the way and showed him what it really was, he was so excited! I'll try to get a picture of it later.

My grandparents dropped by on their way to my dad's, and my grandma had a box full of gifts. Ari was right behind her, and one fell and the corner hit her right under the eye. She had a quick recovery after she opened her new Barbie, though.

So, I spent the afternoon working on getting the house cleaned for the in-laws. Dan and the kids watched "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo." (I get them a Love Bug movie every year.) Things went okay for awhile. Then, Mr. Stomach Flu decided Christmas was a perfect time to drop in completely unannounced in our house! Atley said his tummy didn't feel good. My BIL's girlfriend said maybe it's just gas. He said no and promptly yakked all over the couch...and my BIL. Got that cleaned up and him to bed...and Ari vomited all over her room. Then, as I was cleaning the vomit from the Barbie shoes and new Christmas clothes that were in the cross fire, I got it, too. Avoid our house like the plague! lol


Lauria said...

Ugh. That stinks. I hope everyone feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Awww - so sorry everyone coated your house w/their innards. :-( Sounds like everyone was thrilled with their gifts, though. Did ya get your interchangeables?