Wednesday, December 31, 2008

White New Year's!

Well, we didn't have a White Christmas, but it looks to be a White New Year's!! I don't know how much snow we got, but it was enough for the kids to go outside and play! Of course, Ari stayed out for about 15 minutes. She was back inside before the other 2 even got out there. Atley lasted about 10. I think they only go out long enough to justify me making hot chocolate! As soon as they walk through the door, that's the first word out of their mouths! I did realize we are woefully lacking in snow attire this year, though! I forgot we're short an Ari-sized snow suit and Melodie's abnormally large feet have grown again, and she's in need of new boots!

I finally finished Ari's sock. I'm torn. I REALLY want to start my new socks, but she loved it, and really wants me to make the other one so she can wear them. Looks like I'll be getting a new set of DPN's!

I got my Christmas tree taken down yesterday. A new year, a new start! I also went through a few boxes while I was in the attic! I got rid of 2 boxes of stuff, and a bag full of empty boxes went out to the recycling! (Which did not come...AGAIN!! Republic Waste Service is the WORST trash company we have ever dealt with. They never pick up our recycling on time. They throw our trash cans in the street. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I have to call them and complain at least twice a month!) Sorry about the little rant. At least now I got out into cyberspace they are crap!

Oooo...the snow just started coming down pretty good again!! Ari just went back out to play.

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Anonymous said...

Republic was pretty good when we had them for trash but we didn't use them for recycling. We used J&J for recycling and they were random at best. :-( I finally got smart and decided since I go right by the Perry center when I go to the boys' preschool I'll just drop ours off on the way.

So, sounds like you officially have SSS (second sock syndrome). I found on the web somewhere how to cast on two at a time on DPNs. I'll have to find that for ya.