Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keep Your Finger Crossed!

If anyone would want to give us any sort of luck you can, I'd sure appreciate it! Atley dearly loves trains (if I haven't said that enough already.) He is obsessed with the Polar Express. (Which I finally just bought for him for Christmas...yay!!) He is so excited when he sees the preview on "Prisoner of Azkaban", and then just devastated when he realizes it's really POA. (He is anti-Harry Potter...enough is enough for him, though he did just tell me the other day he likes the Hogwarts Express, again. For his birthday, before Dan could even ask him at the train store, he saw it and went ballistic "That's not mine, it's Ari's, I don't want that. I don't like that. I'm not getting that. That's Ari's not mine." Poor kid!!) Anyway, the local train line here has a Polar Express train in the winter. It would have cost us $150 for all of us to go. So, we resigned ourselves to not going. Well, my mom called me this morning, and her work purchased 30 sets of 4 tickets! They're giving them away to employees. (To put it into perspective, she works for a pretty big hospital, and they have over 5000 employees.) She put in for the drawing. I want more than anything else I could hope for to give this to Atley (and the girls...but he'll truly enjoy it the most.) My mom always wins stuff from work and radio stations. Just in the past couple months, she's won 2 gift cards and a CD! Hopefully, her luck will hold out. She's also going to see if there is a list of people who won't need all 4 tickets that would be willing to give one up for Dan. Any luck anyone can send our way would be appreciated! It would surely make not only Atley's Christmas, but it would probably be his best memory to date, and who knows, possibly of his childhood. He lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps trains. This would be so big for him.

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Jane said...

We are big train fans here too. Have you been to "A Day Out with Thomas?" Its a fun experience for the little ones. Good luck with the give away.