Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Got 'Em!!!

My mom won! She won the tickets for the polar express! I am SO excited. I had a REALLY crappy morning this morning (let's just say Melodie wouldn't get ready again, and her hair was still damp and when I brushed it at school, it made snowflakes!), and she called and gave me the news. I am on cloud 9 now. I want to tell Atley SO bad. I hope I can hold out until Friday!! We go at 7:30 Friday night. My mom gave me the tickets tonight at Ari's Christmas program. (She did so good. She was so cute in her little green dress. I'd post a pic, but we were so far away from the stage, she was just a speck.) I can't wait!! Melodie was so bummed because Ari brought home a letter that said Friday will be Polar Express Day in kindergarten, and to wear their pajamas because they'll be going on the Polar Express. (which I know they're not physically going anywhere because we didn't get a permission slip) But poor Melodie is convinced Ari's taking a trip to the North Pole from school on Friday.

Tomorrow, Melodie has her Thomas Edison Day invention showing. We'll be going to school to see all of the kids inventions.

I finished 2 more projects. I did the Ghost Finger Puppet:program 001

I also finished Charlie's Baby Triceratops. I think he turned out really cute! Here he is: program 010

I also got started on Atley's Batman Wristies. (He asked for a pair of fingerless gloves since he saw me making pair upon pair.)


Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

This is super exciting! I'm sure you'll all have tons of fun. :D

azoyizes said...

The baby Triceratops is adorable.