Monday, October 5, 2009

Hair Wars, Episode IV: A Lost Hope

Yes my friends, it's started again!! Melodie is resisting the hair brushing. This morning, I had to threaten to not only never turn the TV on again before they leave the house (which it usually isn't anyway), but to cancel the cable to get her to brush, and even then I had to finish it. I gave her til the end of the week, and if not, it's getting whacked again!

This is ADM week again, and we MUST NOT BE TARDY!! Or at least, so says the note they send home every quarter when they do this.

My new work schedule is going great. The house is coming into better shape, finally. And having 2 whole days off in a row....I can't even describe how wonderful that is to finally experience!!

My crafting is going pretty slow this month. I'm still working on my first Poke-critter for the Cup. I should hopefully have him done tomorrow. This is a 20" tall Ash Ketchum trainer ami. It's much more involved than I thought it would be! I'm a good 70% done, though. I've got him all together. I just need to embroider and attach the eyes, attach the hair I've got made and finish the last few spikes of that, and then do the hat, shirt, and pants. Hopefully it will go pretty quickly. Other than the pant legs, it should mostly be done flat, which I think goes much more quickly than in the round.

Well, my back is hurting and I've got a TON of work today, so I'll update more later!


Mary said...

I have hair wars at my house also. I found that if I keep the hair short, the wars ended. They now love the short hair and I have peace. But then they don't have a choice in their hair cuts any longer. I told them when they are willing to care for their hair, then they have a say. When that doesn't work my husband gets out the clippers and threatens to shave them bald.

cici said...

I 2nd it for short hair. I wouldn't have it any other way♥

Daisymum said...

We miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Short hair...Bleh! When I was still small enough for my Ma to pick up, she'd cut my hair into a short bob. I hated it! But my hair looks so much better short, so..why not show her some pics of short, easy-care styles & get her input? And you could update the blog once in a while. Just saying!