Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, it's cold today, at least compared to what it was! It's only 54 right now. My, I get used to nice weather fast!

Our garage sale went well. I was very pleased. I think having it advertised and with the whole neighborhood really helped, even though we were competing with other, bigger garage sales (a small town over from us had their annual one this weekend, too.) Of course, I got sunburned.

Charlie can stand on his own! He was hanging onto the couch, and let go and stood there for quite awhile. We are inching ever so much closer to walking!

I got a good bit done on Melodie's Pokeball water bottle cozy for my Muggle Studies class in the Cup yesterday. Sitting and watching your stuff is good yarnin' time! I've just got a couple more rows to do and then the bottom and some duplicate stitch for the "latch" on the ball. It'll be done in time for school tomorrow.

I whipped up a quick design for the Quidditch team, too! I did a little crocheted lion binky/toy holder. I think he's pretty darn cute! lion 003

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