Thursday, May 14, 2009


Why the ongoing battle with hair in this house?

This time, it was Atley. He cut his hair Monday. Bad. My hairdresser just got him in today (thank goodness!) I made him wear a hat to the grocery store on Tuesday. All of his sweet little curls are gone. :0(

Well, things are finally starting to die down on the Cup, so maybe I will finally be able to post more here! My Quidditch duties are completed. I will be filling in as sub-captain while our normal captain is on vacation for the next week, though.

I finally completed my first homework assignment! I made Wizard of Oz finger puppets! wozp

They took me forever, but I'm pleased with them. I may eventually embroider their faces on, or we may just keep them Amish. I'm undecided. Ari has put in an order for Glinda and Toto, though.

Tonight, I am going to write up a lion binky clip pattern!

Other than the hair chopping, the kids are good. The girls were extremely tardy this morning. It was crazy hair day. I did Ari's hair in 4 braids.

Charlie is just growing and growing! He can say "dog" now. He is also a superfast crawler. He can even crawl normally now! He's doing that more and more often. He is also pulling himself up and cruising all over the place. Hopefully it won't be long before he's FINALLY walking! I got the gate up Tuesday.

Dan built me my raised veggie garden for mother's day! I was so excited. I've got most of my seeds sown. I'm just waiting to pick up some mater and pepper plants after the danger of frost. I'll get pics later. Right now, it's just dirt, but for a couple rows of radishes. ;0)

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