Sunday, September 13, 2009

Atley's First Day of School

I know, I'm a horrible mom. Mere hours after the girls bust open their shiny new pencils, I've blogged about their first day of school. My Atley, has yet to have his first day of school blog post. :0( So, without further ado.....Atley's First Day of School!!

He was SO excited to go to school!! Of course with our later start time this year (not one tardy yet, knock on wood!), we have plenty of time to get ready, and he had to wait awhile to leave, which he was very anxious about. He barely said goodbye when he jumped out of the car and ran to the school.
He has been very happy to go everyday now. He's doing pretty good, I think. He even did a good job on his first swimming lesson! (He was not the child who kicked and screamed and ran from the pool!! yay!!!) Luckily, he and Ari seem to have the same swim day, however hers seems to be after lunch, so I don't usually catch hers. :0(

In crafty news, the fall term of the House Cup is well underway! We're about halfway done with the first month. So far, I've completed a Sheldon for DADA, a lace bookmark for Transfiguration (which I still need to block so I can turn in), a pair of mittens for Charlie for Potions, and I'm over halfway done with a counting fish toy for Charlie for Charms. That will leave dyeing some more yarn with walnuts for Herbology, and I think I'm doing a snitch for CoMC. Plus, I've still got to submit for my OWL approval. (I will be doing Muggle Studies to get the toaster badge.) I'm going to knit Ari a Gryffindor House Sweater and Melodie a Fresh Picked Cardigan.

I've also started to fill my Etsy shop!! Yay!!

Oh, and of course we can't forget everyone's favorite recurring theme....Injury Of The Day!!!! Today's Injury of the Day goes to.....Arianna! (I know, a rarity!) Yesterday, we went to the fair. We were sitting on some nice, shady benches eating our yummy fair-food lunch, and Ari decided it was a good idea to stand between them and swing. She took a flying leap.........and cracked her jaw on one! We've got a nice bruise from that one. I swear, my kids. *sigh*

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