Friday, September 18, 2009

Maters and House Cup and Children, Oh My!

We have a TON of ripe tomatoes! We'll be canning them this weekend. I'm hoping to have pics up early next week for all of you who commented on our organic tomatoes! We're thinking about just stewing these and not actually making sauce so we can use them in more things throughout the winter. I can't wait!

I've been making GREAT progress on my House Cup work! I've got 5 of 6 classes done. I've completed a pair of mittens for Charlie, Sheldon, a Crochet Counting Fish toy (both also for Charlie), a filet crochet bookmark for me (my first filet crochet!), and a teeny tiny golden snitch pendant to make a necklace for Ari for Yule! Just dyeing more yarn with walnuts and working up my Charlie's hat for his Halloween costume.

The kids are having a blast at school! Melodie seems to have really grown up the last few weeks. We're having a much easier time. Ari will be starting tutoring in the next week or so, so hopefully her spelling and sounds will get better. Her teacher said she'll be contacting speech, also, and voicing my concerns....again. Hopefully this time it will help, because the teacher agrees with me that she's having a hard time with spelling and phonetics because of the way she says things. Atley is just having the time of his life. He plays and is doing SO good! His art work has gotten better. His handwriting is better than Ari's (at least the letters that he does know and can write.) Charlie is still sad and lonely. :0( He's mommy's buddy. (yes Michelle Duggar, I'm quoting you!)

Oh, and I almost forgot....we've had our first tardy! It was really not due to not getting ready on time. I hurt my back yesterday morning. See, it was legitimate! Apparently, my back does not like to do laundry any more than the rest of me. I was lifting laundry out of the dryer, and oh the pain! It wasn't even like it was a heavy load of jeans or towels or a full laundry basket. It was just laundry, and the girls' tank tops and sundresses at that. It weighed all of 2 pounds.

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