Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Again, and again, and again

I swear, every time we finally think we're starting to make some progress, we get knocked right back down again. Monday, Dan got laid off. We're already behind on stuff from me being low on work for the past year. Of course, my work finally started to pick up, and I was going to call all of the "wonderful" people who call me 15 times a day that I could finally start paying them at the end of the month. (yes, because when you have no money, if someone calls you 14 more times, you just might have some *rolls eyes*) And, for a double whammy, my good hospital is going to voice recognition. I got trained to edit it, but the editing is less pay per line. It's supposed to even out because I'm reading and editing, not transcribing, but we'll see. Yesterday was my day off, so I've just barely gotten my feet wet with it. Hey, maybe now they'll finally think we're broke enough to get the kids some freakin' Healthy Start insurance! nah, I'm sure there'll be something that will keep us from getting it. That would be too much luck for us.


Jennifer said...

That stinks! I'm sorry... And voice recognition software, yuck. That doesn't even eliminate the mumbling problem. (I've done transcription for mushmouthed Southern men...I feel your pain.) I hope things look up soon.

Michelle said...

I will say, so far so good on the editing. They're only doing it on the good doctors, though. (which sucks, because of course, I liked them the best! ;0) I am getting pretty decent line counts, though. Oh, I used to type for a hospital in Louisiana. My poor Northern self was just mind blown. I didn't make it very long. The thing that got me the most was the ESL docs WITH a Southern accent on top of it.