Monday, March 23, 2009


I have sick kids. It's making it's rounds. Ari missed school Thursday and Friday, and still doesn't sound the greatest, but she went back to school today. Poor little Charlie got it Saturday, and he's just miserable. :0( I feel so bad for the poor baby. He's just so stuffy and he looks so pathetic with his little baggy eyes and runny nose. And Atley's getting it today. Of course, kindergarten registration is Thursday, and I've got 500 things to do tomorrow for it! Perfect timing. Tomorrow is my grocery day. We've got to go pick up his birth certificate. We've got to get our hair cut. AND I have to clean because Dan's having a friend over. Plus, his dad's birthday is Wednesday. Oh well, I'm not picking anything up for that...hehe. ;0) Then, just getting up the gumption to get Atley to kindergarten registration (which he still doesn't want to go to.)

I finished a project last night! Yay! I made another Bunny Blanket Buddy, this time I almost perfected the monkey ears, but it was late, and I was tired, and Charlie woke up and started fussing, and I just wanted to give him his monkey, so it's rather bear like because it could have used another row or 2. Oh well, it's good enough! lol 5 more to go for my Arithmancy OWL to be done!

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