Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun times

Yesterday, Melodie had a field trip to the McKinley Monument / Museum and Discover World. My dad had gotten us a membership for X-mas, so I decided to take the boys (solo since someone bailed on me...geez!! j/k how is the poor kiddo, BTW? That volunteer guy was telling me about a chess club he helps run from the main branch of the library.) Anywho, Atley had a great time. He loves the trains. There is a HUGE model train display set up, and it is just his favorite part. He also got a certificate for being brave and not scared to walk past Alice, the animatronic Allosaur. (This was the first time he wasn't scared.) He still won't go down the fireman pole. (Wonder if they have a certificate for that?) We saw Melodie and her friends a couple of times. Poor Ari was so upset she didn't get to go. I picked her up a new squirrel friend from the gift shop. She was very excited to see her. I set her on her seat when I went to get them from school so she saw her right away. Yes, this one is a girl, to go with Earl, her boy squirrel. It's name? Arianna, of course. All of Ari's girl toys have 3 names....Arianna, Hermione, or Emma (one of my baby cousin's names.) Well, that and sprinkled in with names like Ballerina Baby (she came wearing a tutu, of course, though now she should be bald baby because Ari cut ALL of her hair off...poor Ballerina Baby) and Target (named, of course, after where Ari made her purchase.)

I don't know how many people ask me, "How old is the baby, 2?" Nope, he'll be 11 mo next week. "OH MY GOD!! He's big for being 11 mo old, isn't he?" Yes, yes he is.

We took a picnic lunch to enjoy the beautiful WARM spring weather (yay! heat!) Charlie smeared chicken and stars baby food all.over.everything. I've never had him get so messy. During our lunch, we also decided to walk up the steps at the end of our visit.

Atley: "Why are people going up and down and up and down and up and down the steps?"
Me: "Because they're exercising."
Atley: "Can we go up the steps?"
Me: "Sure, but when we're all done because I can't take Charlie in the stroller up the steps, and I'll have to put the stroller away."

I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Yes, I was planning on carrying Charlie up the steps. Me, the 5 foot 1, sits on my butt and types all day, gets sunburned through windows me, was totally thinking it was a great idea to carry Charlie up the 100+ reflective granite steps in 60+ degree weather. So, we finish our lunch, go back inside, visit the gift shop, look at the trains again, look at the animals again, walk through Space Station Earth again, and decide it's time to take our trip up the steps. The first flight, I was okay. This is a piece of cake, I thought. Boy, I must be in much better shape than I thought (ha!) Second flight, okay, Charlie's kinda heavy, but at least my knee isn't grinding like it normally does going up steps. Third flight, my right leg starts to shake. From there, it was all a blur, just trying to keep upright and keep up with Atley. On the way down, all I could think of was, "You cannot fall with the baby. You cannot fall with the baby. This is granite, and he will squish, you cannot fall with the baby." By the time we got to the bottom, I could hardly stand up.

Atley: "That was fun, can we go again?"
Me: "Sure, knock yourself out. I'll wait for you right here."

My calf feels like it's going to explode today. I can hardly hobble across the house, and keep in mind my house is only about 800 sq ft! I was thinking about taking the boys on a bike ride today...nope, not gonna happen!

As for the yarnin', I ordered yarn to make a vest for Charlie for his b-day. I'm almost done with my Fanny socks! I ordered a ball of sale yarn for another pair in purple. (Knit Picks has their 50 g Essential Kettle Dyed on sale because they're getting rid of it for 100 g skeins, in case anyone is interested!!) I think I'm going to start on some b-day dino knitting when this one is done. Well, I take that back, I might FINALLY start a pair of socks for Charlie. My friend and her hubby are supposed to come over Saturday night so I can give her a lesson on heel turning / gusset shaping (yes, me, the one who is only on sock pair #5...such an expert! lol)


Anonymous said...

"This is granite and he will squish." AHAHAHAHAAAA! One of the best. Lines. Ever!

Seriously; someone thought Charlie was 2?!? He might be a big baby, but not nearly THAT big. Sheesh! They should see Kaden. Now THAT kid's big (and really could pass for 2).

Kayla's fine. She (thankfully) kept everything down. Slept a lot, which was fine by me. I hate keeping her home 'cause I can never quite tell when she really does feel sick (esp. when there's no fever) or when she's just being overly-dramatic. Looks the same to me. But I also know that she'll work the "sicko" eyes at school and they'll just call me to pick her up anyway. Saves me a step.

Michelle said...

More than 1 person thought he was 2!! I don't know if it made him look bigger being near Atley or what.

That's good to hear! Oh yeah, Melodie pulls that alot at school. I've had to pick her up twice because she "had a headache."