Monday, June 22, 2009

Fabric Pictures!

Ok, I know I've been saying this for weeks. Jaydee, just for you, here are fabric pictures! ;0)

These are from Joann's a few weeks ago. The one on the right is to make Ari a dress. (and enough for at least a doll dress and maybe one for Melodie too. But hey, it was $1.99 a yard!) The one in the middle is to make the boys some summer pajama shorts/pants. The one on the left was a remnant of the smocked sundress material I had hoped would fit Ari, but unfortunately it didn't, so I'll be making a baby sundress to put in my Etsy shop. And, as you can see, Charlie had to sneak in because he has decided he is quite a ham in front of the camera now!

Ok, this picture turned out pretty dark. On the right, you can barely see the gray fabric with pink butterflies I got to make the girls winter skirts for school. I'm thinking of going pleated, and I'll probably have to make some matching pink sweaters! The one in the middle is Shrek fabric. 99 cents a yard! I got 3 or 4 yards I think, I can't remember right now. I'm going to make the baby a shirt out of it, and then make some stuff for my Etsy shop. The fat quarters in the front are for bib backing for bibs for my Etsy shop. The blue on the left is to make Melodie a dress. Isn't that beautiful fabric!?! It was only $3.74 a yard because I got the last of a bolt, and they take 25 cents off a yard if you buy a whole new bolt or finish one off. So, about $4 for that beautiful embroidered dress...can't beat it!

And, here is Charlie in his new sweater with the neverending sleeves. I still need to get him some buttons, but I haven't been to Joann's for awhile. He was happy to see his picture, and went and got his sweater and handed it to me. He's such a smart baby!! (If I do say so myself, which I do.) ;0)


Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

Love the fabrics, especially the blue embroidered one! That's going to be adoreable! And the gray and pick skirt material. Too adoreable.

Charlie is super smart - getting out his red sweater when he sees it in the picture! Wow. Maybe he was trying to remind you to get buttons. haha. :)

jaydee said...

See, I promised I would take a look. The blue embroidered fabric is quite, quite lovely. Hee,hee, I will have to admit that I took an adult education course in smocking over ten years ago. Too bad it didn't stick or I'd offer....

Michelle said...

yay! I told you I'd finally post it! ;0) I think it was StarKnits who gave me a link to making a smocked pillowcase tank top. I think I might give it a try. If I can get my stupid sewing machine to work! :0(