Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Steps!

Charlie took his first steps last night! There were only about 2-3 of them, and he only went about 4 inches, but he took steps without holding on to anything! Hopefully he'll be full-fledged walking very soon! :0)

I'm working on a new sweater for him right now. It's for my Transfiguration OWL for the Cup. I've had the yarn for it since last fall. My OWL requires me to use at least 750 yds of my stash. I don't mind seaming. I don't know if it's because I like to sew or what, but it just doesn't bother me. I'd much rather seam in sleeves than do them in 1 piece. Dear lord, I never thought I was going to finish the sleeves on that thing! Thankfully last night, I had to break for the front, and I'm now happily doing short rows of st st. (which I also don't mind, but for pete's sake, 132 sts in each row was a bit much!

Oh, we're going to Amish Country in 2 days to check out that fabric store! I can't wait! (and, I think we're even going to get some lunch at Der Dutchman...yummy!)

Summer vacation is in full swing....70 days left! Yesterday, I let the kids play in the backyard by themselves. Normally, they're not allowed back there if no one is out with them. Well, I figured almost 9, 6, and 5 year olds should be able to play by themselves in the, no. They were "washing" their bikes with dirty leaves, so I gave them rags to use. Then, Atley came in and asked for a bucket of water. "Sure, just make sure you turn the hose off." About an hour later, I went to check on them because they were quiet......and the entire backyard was a mud pit, children looked like drowned rats, and my nice, clean, previously dry laundry that was hanging on the line was dripping. Needless to say, it will be some time before the kids are allowed to play in the backyard unattended again.

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