Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stupid Sewing Machine

So, the new fabric was finally the push I needed to start up the sewing machine. I got started on Melodie's sun dress from my stash last night. I've had the fabric for like 2 years. I had cut it out about a week ago. So, last night I start. And.......something went wrong. I think it might be my bobbin tension, which I messed with and didn't get help from. Any sewing gurus out there that can give me some input on what would cause the bobbin thread to loop 600 times and bunch on the bottom of the fabric, get stuck in the sewing machine, and repeat every 2 inches? :0( I so need a new machine! I'm going to hint around for my birthday, rather strongly, that I need a new machine.

We went to the park yesterday with my grandparents. The kids had a blast! The creek was almost dried up, so they went down in the creekbed looking for rocks. We went walking along it to the little pools where there was still water to find minnows. While Atley and Melodie were looking for rocks, he started happily shrieking...."Mommy, I found a snake, and I touched it!" OMG! I couldn't believe he touched it. He's usually skittish about stuff like that. I was very proud of him. I did also have a little talk with him about not touching snakes unless a grown up tells him it's okay, because some snakes are poisonous and all snakes bite!

Oh, on a funny note, Atley just walked in wearing one of Charlie's shirts....size 12 months! That's my scrawny boy! lol

Injury of the Day: This one, for a change, goes to Ari! She was going into the bathroom at the park to rinse out her cup to get some water, and she ran the door into her toe and busted it open. Thank goodness for being prepared for Melodie's injuries of the day, I had my first aid kit in the truck and very easily scrubbed, disinfected, and bandaged the bloodied toe.

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