Monday, February 2, 2009

Check this out, re: CPSIA!!

Raising Them Green has a nice post about a ruling on the CPSIA! It looks like, for at least another year, handmade toys are safe! WooHoo!!

I know, I've been awfully quiet lately. I've been busting out some knitting, though! I've just finished working the gusset on my first Hedgerow sock. If I get some good knitting time in tonight, I should have it done! I'm hoping to have the second one done by Saturday.

I've also been designing. The pattern for Charlie's teether toy is being tested right now, which I hope to have up for sale soon. Dan and I are also working on some VW Beetle themed projects. Stay tuned for updates on those!

Well, that's about it for me. Work, kids, snow, work, snow, cold, snow.....ugh...snow. Someone needs to take out Punxsatawney Phil, by the way! Stupid groundhog and his 6 more weeks of winter. (I know, they'd be there anyway, but it just makes it feel nicer when he says spring is on its way.)


Melissa @ Raising Them Green said...

Hi Michelle,

If I could send you some of the sun from the desert Southwest I'd do so in a heartbeat.

Thanks for linking on my post about the CPSIA delay - that was such great news for me. I'm not a maker of products but definitely a consumer of many of the WAHMs and other small companies that would be affected by the law.

~ Melissa ~

cici said...

I need to get back to socks. I have put them down since I am working on my clapotis. I was wondering if Punxsatawney Phil had seen his shadow or not. I havent listened to any news today. We are scheduled to get snow tomorrow grrrr

hallie m. said...

Yay for VWs! Farfegnughen!
And the widget is actually on Etsy itself. Go to Your Etsy, then scroll down to where it says promote, then click on etsy mini. It'll take you to the set up for your own mini widget thingy. :)

Jessica said...

You are a winner! Come and see what you won and then email me with your mailing address and reference what you won.