Thursday, February 19, 2009


Until recently, I have never had guacamole. It's green and smooshy and veggies and green. (Yes, I'm a big baby about eating veggies. My children ask for spinach and cauliflower. I dread putting peas in soup!) I just never wanted to eat guacamole. Then, we had those loaded nacho things that Taco Bell had for awhile. My god, those were awesome! Dan made me try the guacamole, and I was hooked. (He always makes me try things, damn him. I have always hated pickles and Swiss cheese. Guess what I have to have on my hamburgers now and what my fav kind of grilled cheese is?) Anyway, I bought some at the store the other day for the taco salad we had last night. Yummy. That was lunch today. Chips and guacamole. (Hey, I already said I'm a bad example for eating! That was a chaser for my breakfast of the last slice of that chocolate cake!)

Green things, yicky. Broccoli, peas, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, spinach...yuck! I can eat spinach in quiche. I can eat broccoli and peas in stuff like pasta primavera or chicken pot pie, or broccoli and cheese soup. Mmmmm...broccoli and cheese soup. Must put that on the menu for next week! BTW, if you want to get your grocery bill down, start making a weekly menu before you go shopping! Better yet, use your sales circulars and / or coupons to base your menu from. I can usually get a week's worth of groceries for us for $70-80.

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Jennifer said...

Guacamole is a weakness of mine. drool... But I generally love green things. Except peas, gross.