Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Tip For Valentine's Day!!

Here is a tip I got today in my Gooseberry Patch email:

Dip the rim of a dessert glass in melted chocolate and immediately coat the chocolate with chopped nuts; refrigerate until firm. When it's time to serve dessert, add a big scoop of ice cream.

I'm going to try this on Valentine's Day!! After we get the kiddos in bed, I'm going to make filet mignon (bacon wrapped for Dan), red potatoes, some sort of veggie (haven't decided yet), probably a salad, and a Chocolate Raspberry cake I got the recipe for in the Feb/Mar issue of "Taste of Home." I'll be serving the cake with some Raspberry Rumble ice cream from Schwan's. And of course, we will have wine with our meal. I think this neat little idea will make the dessert very special!


Jennifer said...

I want your Valentine's Day dinner! That sounds just about perfect...

erika~ the inspired mama said...

YuM! this sounds delicious! my hubby is restaurant mang. so he will be at work all night! :P no fun!


Anonymous said...

Damn. Wish I would've read this before now. I would've been thrilled to come over and help y'all eat your dinner. :) I even would've thrown in in-house babysitting services.

PS - got any cake left? ;-) I want that recipe!!!!!!