Monday, January 26, 2009


I know, I've been awfully quiet. Things have been, surprisingly, rather dull around here! We do have bad news to report. Poor Bocco lived a short life. He started acting odd Saturday, and this morning, he was a floater. We think he may have had ick. Dan went to the store yesterday and got ick tablets and 2 more Bocco's (1 for Atley and 1 for Charlie.) For about half an hour, we thought Bocco might have been pulling through, but he went back to his little corner he had been in and stayed there. As soon as we put the ick tablet and the new fish in, he had started swimming around like his old self again. (I was convinced he was depressed and lonely because the big goldfish ignored him.) Atley's handling it pretty well. Dan and I were just as sad as he was. We had grown quite attached to the cute, spunky little guy in his short stint in the tank. RIP Bocco. We hope Bocco #3 and 4 will carry on your name well. (Because of course Atley said Charlie wanted his fish named Bocco, too.)

The most amusing part of all of this is when Dan was getting the fish, the lady asked him what he was going to name them. (For those of you who don't know, Dan is 6 feet tall, 330, jeans and T-shirt wearing car guy.) He said he wasn't, and she said, but their fish, fish have to have names! Then, he had to proceed to tell her that they would most likely be named Bocco because that's what fish #1 and 2 were named. I wish I could have seen Dan telling strangers about Bocco. Priceless.

I did get a couple more projects done. I crocheted a Little Ditty Bag for my DADA homework, and I knit Ari a pair of mittens, because she has no gloves! They are like Atley's, but they match her Herbie hat...purple with a pink stripe. I'll try to get some pics up later. (Yeah, I know, mittens are uber-interesting.) I am about halfway done on the leg of my second pair of socks for me! I'm doing Hedgerow and using my Palette in Tidepool Heather.

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