Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Morning, Comin' Down

The snow, that is. Again. God, I hate snow! Ohio, why do you have to snow so, so much? Can't you just snow for the holidays and then stop and go back to being 40-45 until spring? I'd be happy with that, ya know.

Anyhoo, I still haven't gotten my yarn I ordered. :0( (I know, it's not like they have those tube thing from Star Trek to beam me yarn.) So, I took Ari and Charlie and went to Joann's at 8:00 last night to get some, instead! :0) Plus, I got so excited to order my sock yarn, that I forgot to order yarn for Charlie's socks. My friend Lori and I have been talking about the construction of the "perfect baby sock." And I didn't have any boy-approved sock yarn! So, we picked up some Sensation Soles and More in Green and Blue for Charlie and in a purple and pink for Ari. (I had 3 coupons....I had to use them, right?) And I also picked up a skein of brown Wool Ease Chunky to do a test bonnet for Charlie. I had picked up some Homespun at Wally World, and I HATE it! That is the WORST stuff to crochet with. I will knit a bunny blanket buddy with it, because the old ladies at the LYS that used to be right across the street from my house said it's much easier to knit with. (Of course, they unfortunately went out of business about 6 months before I learned to purl. :0( My sucky luck!) Oh, I had also gotten some brown sock yarn for Charlie off ebay, but again, the zapping thing and my impatience got the better of me. Especially when I needed other yarn. And had coupons. (I love Ron "Tater Salad" White, and I just can't say the word coupons enough. Coupons.)

Yes, I'm a little giddy today. Dan took Melodie on about a 2+ hour shopping trip to the parts store today, so I've got the nice, quiet, well behaved children at home while I work. Yay!

So, I got Sway's capelet done last night. I haven't taken any pics yet, though. I'll probably do it after work tonight. Then, onto the next project! I think I'll do my arithmancy homework next. I'll be using my numerology numbers to do a striped bag for my drop spindle...or a DPN holder. I'm still undecided.


Mouse said...

Hi, found you through Ravelry (comment train) great blog, enjoyed reading it, will pop back again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo - if you haven't broken open the ol' Lion Brand homespun yet, take it back. It's no easier to knit with. Splits like crazy. I HATE that stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks for the link. ;)

Have you checked out SKA's February challenge? I'm having a hell of a time narrowing it down. :(