Thursday, January 15, 2009

On the Hook

Last night, I started a capelet for the dog for my Care of Magical Creatures assignment for the House Cup! I'm doing it in Gryffindor colors. I'm about half way done with it. Hopefully I'll finish it tonight!!

Yesterday, I ordered some new sock yarn! I got Knit Picks Palette in Hyacinth and Tidepool heather. I'll be doing the Tidepool heather in Crusoe and the Hyacinth in Tidepool. I'm probably going to do a sock between the higher one and the anklet, and I'll be doing the toes with my leftover Wicked Witch!


hallie m. said...

Feh. Gryffindor. It's all about Ravenclaw, man!

Anonymous said...

You knit & crochet so fast there's smoke comin' off those sticks. :)

cici said...

That all sounds fabulas! You are a fast knitter!