Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lots O' Progress

Well, we had a very productive last couple of days! Charlie can now go forward in his walker, as opposed to just backwards. He's loving any kind of food he can sink his 5 teeth into. He also got his 9 month shots yesterday...poor little guy. I was thinking on the way there, I'd have to get Atley's kindergarten boosters soon. Then I realized, it would be the next appointment! They register kindergarten in April, and that is when Charlie's birthday is. Then, I started bawling at the thought of not having my sweet Atley with me all the time. He said he doesn't want to go to kindergarten, that he wants to be homeschooled because he loves me and he wants to be with me and he wants me to make him food. (The way to a man's heart...)

Atley also got a new fish yesterday. Bocco bit the dust about a week and a half ago. He got a black Gobi. He named him "Bocco the black." (Keep in mind, I'm taking liberties with the actual spelling of Bocco since Atley can't spell yet, but this is the way he pronounces it, at least.) He was so exited. There was a lady at the end of the aisle after we got it, and he said "Hi! I got a new fish! He's got big eyes, and his name is Bocco!" Then, as soon as the girls got in the car after school, he told them. He said "He has big eyes." Ari said, "Oh, does it have big eyes like this *Ari making circles with her hands*?" Atley, "Yes." Ari, "Is it a big fish?" Atley, "No, he's a small fish, just with big eyes." He had also told the lady at the health department about Bocco when we went to get Charlie's shots. It's a cute little fish. It zips all around the tank. Allison James and Hermione (the girls' fish) just kind of float. I think we'll have to get Charlie a fish, so Bocco can have an active friend.

I cleaned! YaY!! My living room is on the verge of being nice. Now, if only we can keep it this way...again. Every time I clean, the kids (and Dan) trash it.

I also finished a test crochet bonnet yesterday. It's cute! Dan would kill me if he saw Charlie with a bonnet, though! lol Oh well. I like it.

I got Sway's capelet done. I'm turning in my homework for the House Cup today. Here is a half-ass picture of my spaz of a dog who never sits still for pictures. This is me holding her and Atley baiting her with an apple:

And, here is my Arithmancy homework. It's a DPN holder I crocheted in stripes corresponding with my numerology numbers:

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