Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did you guys see it last night!?!

The new Nip/Tuck was FINALLY on!! I wish it would have been SO much longer. Dan officially thinks I'm crazy. Hey, I've been waiting for this for a long time, though. I'm so happy they're back. It gave me a little glimmer of happiness in the world of screaming and falling out of beds.

Yup, falling out of beds....because of the screaming. Melodie decided yesterday she wanted me to do her homework for her. When I refused, (and was told how horrible of a mother I was) I sent her to her room. Apparently she took her homework up into her bed. (The girls have bunk beds.) She screwed around for a couple hours, and when it was time for Ari to go to bed, I called her back out so she could finish in the living room....and she promptly fell off the ladder. Yup, that makes 2 times now that Melodie has fallen off / out of her bed.

I got one of my socks done yesterday! I would have cast on for the second one, but I didn't want to miss any of Nip/Tuck looking down at knitting. Dan was pleased to see one thing he could use to pull me away from the yarnin' though!! I'll be starting some test crocheting today, but I'm hoping to have my other sock done by Saturday. I love my first one already and wish I could wear it. Again, Dan thinks I'm nuts. I think I'm going to be a sock snob now, and only wear handmade socks. (Of course, after I get an arsenal of socks made!)


Anonymous said...

Told ya socks were addictive. ;-)

I saw Nip/Tuck last night. Man, they started the season with a bang, didn't they? Good lord! How crazy was Christian once he found out what was going on with him? Cracked me up when he was checking the girl he was with. And speaking of Christian, did you happen to catch the preview where it shows him & Liz together (& I do mean together)? Who'd have EVER thought that?!? Can't wait to see where this season goes.

And tell Dan he should be happy you like to watch the show. He can enjoy it, too, what with 1/2 it's cast being uber-hot women. ;-)

Michelle said...

I know! I told him they should have made it a 2 hour season premiere. Yeah, I watched the preview and about the first 15 minutes on the replay. ;0)

Dan did seem to perk up a bit in the part after Christian and Sean got home from the bar. He minds Nip/Tuck much less than most of what I watch! (He begged for no more medical shows last night!)

Jennifer said...

There are some shows you cannot knit through. Mad Men seems to be like that for me--I'll suddenly realize my project has been in my lap for ten minutes...