Monday, January 5, 2009

LOVE the new yarn!

I am SO happy with my sock yarn! The socks are knitting up quickly and beautifully. It's a great pattern. (Spring Forward, on Rav. I'll see if I can find the site and link it on here later.) I'm very pleased with it so far. I've got the pattern worked through 1 whole time already. I did post wrong before, though. It is for my Charms class, not DADA. For DADA I will be crocheting a little ditty bag.

Here is a pic of Atley wearing his train sweater! If you work this pattern, make sure you do it WAY bigger than necessary. This was a size 6, and my little Atley is teeny tiny. It fits now, but it probably won't fit next winter.

I've got a couple of crochet (and knit) patterns in my head. If only there were more hours in the day!! I've got crochet dog and 2 baby patterns, and a knit dog and bunch of bib patterns. I may need some crochet test crocheters, if anyone is interested!!


Jennifer said...

The sweater is so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

That sweater ROCKS! You did awesome, my dear. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks! :0)

hallie m. said...

If you need a test crocheter, lemme know. Least I could do is return the favor. :)

(And I adore that sweater, and Atley is as cute as a button. :D )