Sunday, January 11, 2009

On the Mend

I am very happy to report that my friend's baby is doing much better! Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and words. In fact, he is home and out of the hospital now. It also turns out that due to physician error before performing tests, he did not, in fact, have an infection at all! It was a non-problematic skin bacteria on final results, so they pumped him full of antibiotics and turned him into a baby human pincushion for nothing. Needless to say, my friend is furious, but so glad to have her baby home and safe, aside from his poor little tummy being affected from the high dose antibiotics. I can't believe a doctor wouldn't be more studious about diagnosing problems with a baby. If anyone ever put my baby through that, they would wish they never met me! (All of my kids, but especially the poor baby, who can't even talk and say what's wrong!)

Speaking of babies. I've got a question for ya: How does a baby get Cheerios down the back of their onesie? Charlie currently has on a onesie, a long sleeved t-shirt, and overalls. I just changed him, and there were Cheerios down the back of his onesie! This isn't the first time he has performed this feat, but I'm still stumped! lol

I'm almost done with my second sock! I plan to wear them on Tuesday, Lori! I'm ready to turn the heel tonight.

Oh, we've also got at least like 6 inches of snow since Friday. It's crazy. And my mom said it's supposed to snow all week. I HATE snow! It's snowing again right now. The kids are in heaven. They love to play in the snow. They went out and had a snowball fight and made snow angels earlier today. Of course, demanding their cocoa as soon as they came back in!


hallie m. said...

Hooray for the little one feeling better! :)

(And I'll work on the Cheerios in the onesie thing if you'll figure out how a man can swallow a sock. Don't ask.)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the baby's doing better!

Can't wait to see the socks tomorrow. :) I've got 3 projects going now; socks for one of the boys (whoever wants 'em gets the first pair), glittens for me and that Lion Brand sweater (with all the cables). That's kickin' my butt, though. It's not technically difficult but for some weird reason I keep loosing count. Pisses me off!

Jennifer said...

Ugh! I guess they were playing it safe, but the poor little guy!

I think babies have magical powers when it comes to Cheerios. That's how they end up behind furniture in rooms that the baby has never entered...

Michelle said...

How does a man ACCIDENTALLY swallow a sock? Hmmm...that one could keep me stumped for awhile!