Monday, November 3, 2008

Babies, babies everywhere

I currently know 6 people...yes 6!!...who are pregnant!!! Imagine the knitting I get to do!!! Dan will be happy, though, that everyone is pregnant now, while Charlie is still a baby. I'm a sucker for "new baby smell" and it always gets my hormones a-flowin' when I smell that sweetness, and all I've got is puppy. (And yes, I mean my kids, not the muttley!!) Dan doesn't want any more kids. He knows if we had a bigger house in the country, I'd be all for it! (We've got 2 extra seats in the wagon when he gets it done. I told him that was a bad idea! lol We had an extra seat in our Blazer, so I rationalized Charlie would be good to have because he'd fit!)

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