Friday, November 7, 2008

Nip / Tuck

It's finally coming back!!! I've been waiting,and waiting, and waiting, and I finally saw the commercials last night for the new season of Nip / Tuck starting January 6th! I can't wait! Yes, it's a smut show, but I love it. I got hooked on it when they had a marathon a couple years ago Christmas Eve when I was up all night finishing the kids gifts. Now, I'm hooked, and I was completely bummed when it didn't start back in September like it was supposed. A good President elected and Nip / Tuck coming back all in one week. My god, could my luck actually, possibly be starting to change for once? (I know, I just jinxed myself, right?)

Last night, I didn't work on the Puppet Pals. I did get some good work done on Ari's sock, though. I got the leg part done, and I'm starting to work the heel. I'm not quite sure I fully understand the directions, so I'm hoping they work out okay. It looks awful big, though. If it fits, I'm going to keep it for myself....well, when I finish the other one! After I finish this one, I'm going to cast on Ari's Golden Snitch socks from Charmed Knits. I need it for my HP House Cup homework, and if I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting them done before the holidays, I'm going to have to bust my butt!

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