Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm so done with this week. Still, no progress on the sweater! I fell asleep, again. My mom and I are hoping to hit 2 craft shows tomorrow. I'm hoping that will give me the extra little umph I need to get motivated again!

Charlie woke up from his nap yesterday running a fever. :0( Poor little guy. He had one very early this morning, but has been fever free since I got him up this morning to get ready to take the girls to school!

We went to my great aunt's funeral today. Atley was perfectly behaved, although I'm willing to bet it was due to the promise of a Happy Meal for good behavior. What? I'm not above bribing my kids!! Charlie didn't want to sit. We walked the foyer and ate Cheerios while Atley sat with my grandma and grandpa and got fed candy and given quarters. (Grandma and grandpa always have candy in their pockets.) It was a nice service. I didn't see my dad. My step mom came up and said hi and gave me a hug, but I never saw my dad. I also didn't see her on our way out. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and she was supposed to be starting radiation. I wonder if they had to leave because she wasn't feeling good? I saw some cousins I haven't seen in a few years. We're going to get all of our kids together for a playgroup! (One of them has twins about Melodie's age and a baby a little older than Charlie. The other has a little girl a year or so younger than Atley.)

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