Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girls Night Out

One week until the Girls Night Out! I can't wait!! I'm not even going to be completely child free. Charlie will be joining us girls, because where "the girls" go, Charlie has to be. (He doesn't do overly well on bottles, and my mom is a bit reluctant to do all 4 for any length of time, let alone he can't stay overnight.) Hopefully my friend that just had the baby will still be able to make it, and she'll bring him, so Charlie will have a friend.

Melodie had a rough day at school the other day. She got in the car and burst into tears. Apparently, her little boyfriend yelled across the class during a lull in the noise while they were packing up to head home, "I'm glad I broke up with you Melodie, because a hottie moved in across the street!" She said she was so embarrassed and sad and angry. Poor thing. I told her boys can be stinky like that. I joked with Dan after she was in bed...she did get custody of the Bakugan and a few Pokemon cards from the settlement, though. ;0) Ah, the trials and tribulations of young love. But, what 3rd grader refers to a girl as a "hottie?" Am I just that much of a fuddy duddy that I think that's way out of line?


Lauria said...

Have a great time! I bet it'll be a great stress reliever!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! Kids can be cruel... While I specifically remember having a crush on a fifth-grader (older boy!) when I was in third grade, I don't think anything like the term "hottie" would've come into my mind. Who knows where they get these things?