Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hairgate 2008

The saga continues.......

So, we're getting ready for school this morning. I let Melodie get in the tub first today so she has a snowball's chance in hell to ride up front. (My new ploy to get the kids moving in the morning, first one completely ready gets to ride in the much coveted front seat.) Ari has won every day. Anyway, I instruct Melodie to get moving as fast as she can because I have to take Charlie for his 4 mo shots at 9 this morning. Usually the shot clinics are on Tuesdays (my day off) and you can go between 2-4 (so I can go as soon as I pick the girls up from school.) Of course, this month they changed the day to not my day off and the only time was 9-11 because the nurses were at a conference the first half of the week. Well, Melodie gets out of the tub and comes in with wet hair asking for clothes. I do "the sniff test." (thank god for heavily, nasty scented children's hair products!) Her hair most certainly lacked the scent of dragonfruit. So, she had to get back in the tub because the worst thing you can do for baby fine, thin hair is get it wet and not wash it! We made it to school with about 30 seconds to spare.

Then, the boys and I rush off to get poor Charlie his shots. Atley was more traumatized than Charlie was. Thankfully he only had to get 1 shot today! They were out of the Prevnar, and they came up with a new combination shot like the Pediarix that has Hib instead of hep B, so he got that and didn't need extra shots...yay! He weighed 16 lb 6 oz, which means my mom's scale is off...which means I'm 2 pounds lighter too! woohoo!

I had feedback from my first right handed test knitter on "Cash." She's already done, blocking, and hopes to get me a picture today! I'm so excited! I'm so hoping that this is my take-off and I can get a craft business started. Even if it just gives me enough money to buy the kids' birthday and/or Christmas presents or pay for my own crafting, I'd be happy. In my dreams, I'd love to make it my full time business. We shall see what happens!

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