Friday, September 19, 2008

Hairgate....part deux

Well, Melodie washed her hair today. Too bad she didn't finish brushing it.....and I didn't realize that until we were getting into the truck.....and we were running late........and she didn't even shut the front door of the house when she came out, so anyone could have waltzed right in......and we might have tardy #2 today! What is it about Fridays!?! Oh, and for the Melodie neck-breaking stunt of the day....drumroll please.....standing on the arm of the couch while I'm making breakfast!! All of this before 9 AM. Lori, I'm with ya on that drink! lol


Anonymous said...

I freak out all the time when my dog is standing precariously on something... I can't imagine how I would feel with my kid!

lizzzknits said...

I really miss MY little girls. They are all grown up now, and I miss their antics! Relax, and enjoy them now!

Ria said...

Unfortunately the hair thing hasn't gotten better here! And my 16 year old has super curly hair. I start work at 4am, so I never know what she looks like going to school. I don't actually see her until 6 or 630 when whatever sports season we're in's practice is over. Also, she is currently grounded because thursday was the 2nd time since school started the door wasn't locked. This time it was windy so it was actually wide open!!