Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hectic Days

I swear, my days off are always busier than my work days. I just try to cram so much stuff into so little time. Yesterday we ditched the big kids with my mom and went to my friends' house for ribs. I've never had ribs before! (Okay, so I've had ribwiches, but it's just not the same.) They were good, but I'm just too lazy to eat ribs. I also love KFC, hate to eat chicken off the bones. I was so happy when I heard they had the Original Recipe strips! Dan thinks I'm nuts.

Anyway, we had a great time. It was so nice to sit around a fire again. I hate living in the city, not like we're in a big city or anything, but I just miss being out in the country. I can't wait until we can get back out to the country. I want my kids to roast marshmallows around a bonfire. I want them to be able to lay down in the backyard and go stargazing. I want to have a huge garden and can our own food for the year. I want my kids to be able to shoot my Red Ryder anniversary edition BB gun (yup, just like Ralphie's) in the backyard. I want to not hear fire engines ALL....DAY...LONG. (Speaking of, Atley did go get to tour the fire station down the street yesterday. Dan's friend is an EMT, so Atley got an All-Access pass to see all the cool fire stuff. They even had to go on a call, Atley didn't go, but they set of the siren and he got to see the fire trucks take off! He jabbered away about it for half an hour after he got home.) It was nice, though. The baby was so good. He ate, he slept, he played.

As for my knitting....I'm working on a new pattern right now. It's called "Chunky Monkey" because that's what I call my fat little Charlie. It's going to be a fat little monkey. I hope to have it done sometime this week. I'm also hoping to finish a couple more bib designs for Halloween. I've got some plans for Candy Corn with some neat yarn I found last week, a pumpkin, and a witch if I can get it graphed. I know what I want it to look like, I just can't get it worked out. I'm going to have Dan give it a go and see if he can graph it for me.

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