Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Mabon!

Happy Mabon everybody! (That would be Happy Autumnal Equinox for all the muggles out there!) After our big wind storm the other day, the leaves sure have started to change. We need to start setting out food for our feathery and furry friends! Ari dearly loves squirrels and always makes sure they have a special treat.

This morning, we were actually on time, and dare I say it a bit early, for school! Ari still got ready first, but we were there with 15 minutes to spare! Yay! (Okay, it only happened because my aunt and uncle are leaving in the morning and Melodie wanted to say goodbye to her cousin tonight, and I told her if she didn't get moving, she had to stay home. I know, I'm mean, but it got the job done!)

I've got my second bib pattern finished! I started knitting it up last night. I'm about 1/3 of the way done. It's a bib for Samhain (Halloween.) Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up tonight and get a pic up tomorrow! I was going to change the neck band, but I think I'm going to wait. I think it would be so cute to do orange, purple, and green Halloween bibs for a picture. I know Dan would NOT be happy with the baby wearing a purple bib (he's weird about that stuff.) So, I think I'll do the purple one with a different neck band for my cousin's baby, since she can't have stuff that goes over her head. Plus, that will give me some time to look up how to make a buttonhole!

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