Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Time Fun

Well, we went to my cousin's wedding yesterday. The kids had a blast! They all got WAY too much sugar, but at least they had fun. There were the BEST chocolate covered brownies there. I could have eaten the whole tray....mmmm chocolate. Melodie had a great time dancing all night. The bride's brother saw her trying to do a line dance and helped her. It was so sweet. He even gave her a high-5 at the end. She was so tickled. I was also shocked...the girl has some moves! My uncoordinated, tripping, head bumping, knees bruised child could actually dance! I see jazz class in her near future. It was nice because I got to dance with her a little bit and spend some time with her where we weren't fighting over shampoo or following directions. She seemed to have a really good time.

Ari had fun, though a little more reserved. She did keep everyone full of punch. (They had a fountain of punch, so that was just too cool for her to resist.) She was very concerned when she realized it was dark outside and finally, I just couldn't convince her anymore it was okay, and that we could be up late. She wanted to go home.

Poor little Atley crashed big time. He fell asleep around 8:30-9 and slept through everything. My mom, one of my aunts, and I took turns holding him, and he didn't stir once. A party animal, he's not. He had fun eating as many cookies as he could get before he fell asleep, though.

Charlie almost outlast Atley. He fell asleep and quietly snoozed safely under the table in his car seat until we left. His little outfit was 12 months...and it wasn't any big on him! If he keeps this up, the boys will be wearing the same size by the time he's 1. Of course, he was my perfect, sweet baby all night. He likes mashed potatoes and frosting.

The wedding was really pretty. The bride was beautiful, and my cousin looked so nice in his dress uniform. The officiant even talked about his time in Iraq and how lucky he is that he made it home safely as so many in his battalion didn't. He was in the Lima company that suffered such a big loss a couple years ago. It was a great ceremony, everyone in the family actually seemed to get along for a night. We had a great time. Boy, my arms are aching though. Holding a 16 pound baby and a 33 pound preschooler all day and lifting up a 5 and almost 8 year old to dance is hard work!

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