Thursday, September 25, 2008

Squash and patterns and hair, oh my!

Charlie loves squash. He had it for the first time yesterday. I had just bought a single jar of squash baby food to see if he liked it before I put in the effort to make him some. Well, he likes it! He would open his mouth like a little birdie as soon as he saw the spoon! He ate the whole jar in 1 sitting, mixed with cereal! I'm going to have to go buy a butternut squash to roast today (which I've never done before. I'll also be getting at least another jar of food, just in case I screw it up!) Today is also his 5 month birthday. Happy Birthday to my sweet little chunky monkey Charlie.

My patterns are now officially listed for sale on Ravelry! There are buttons to purchase them to the left if you're not a member. If you are, my Ravelry shop is officially open for business!

And hair....well, I knew it was too good to be true. The aliens must have returned the real Melodie last night. She was in prime form this morning! She got out of the tub at 8:30....we have to leave at 8:30. She was in there for over 45 minutes! I made her get dressed and brush her teeth, but I took the brush, a waffle, and her shoes and socks. I told her it's one thing that she makes herself late, but she's not going to make Ari late, too! I dropped Ari off, then pulled into a spot to let Melodie finish getting ready. I think she even might have made it on time, but it was close. They were still walking in when she ran over to get in line.

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