Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Amish Day!

Well, yesterday we had our annual trip to Amish Country. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would always take me down to Amish Country for a day of good food and good shopping. We have carried the tradition on with my kids, and we went yesterday! When I was a little girl, we used to go as a HUGE group with my aunts and cousins. Well, guess who we ran into yesterday? Apparently, they had no school, too! It was a fun day. We rode the little train at the one store....Atley's favorite part of the day. We lost Melodie for about 5 minutes. (She had gone off with one of my cousins and didn't tell anyone else she was leaving.) All in all, it was a good day!

Charlie's second tooth finally came through!

On a sad note, I just got an email from American Girl....and they're discontinuing Samantha and her whole collection! Samantha was my first doll, and she's always been my favorite. I know, I'm a big dork. She was a big deal to me, though! I can still remember when I opened her on Christmas morning. I was going to give all of my dolls to the girls when they get a little older, but I just don't think I can give them Samantha now.

Our pseudo-reunion was fun. I made pumpkin pie. I also neglected to put sugar in the pumpkin pie. Sorry guys! Why didn't anyone say anything!?! Dan got his silly station wagon. Hopefully, this means my poor children will finally get to leave the state! My god, we may even make it to an ocean!

As for my knitting, I finished 1 of my Moonlight Slipper Socks for my Astronomy class in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crocheting House Cup on Rav. I've got the ribbing done on #2 and am ready to start the intarsia. I need to get a move on...it's supposed to get cold in 2 days!

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