Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And just when you think you have them figured out...

They switch it up on you! This morning, Melodie got ready first! I still had to yell at her 15 times to get out of the bathroom, but once she did she actually got ready for once! Of course, Ari must have missed the stress, so she threw a tantrum because she had to wear pants. It's 40 degrees out this morning and all of her leggings are in the wash, so she couldn't wear a skirt. Heaven forbid I don't want them to be cold!

Oh, and then she screamed for 15 minutes because I told them I was going to try to get them on the bus. They are supposed to go to local school G. They go to local school B through intradistrict open enrollment because way back before Melodie started kindergarten, I called to find out the cut off date. Her birthday was 1 month past it. This was when she was just about to turn 4. She knew all of her letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and was working on reading. They said if she could read by the spring, they'd test her for early enrollment, but no one did it and it was horrible and they didn't recommend it and no they didn't want to meet her unless she could read, blah, blah blah. So, even though she was reading by then, we decided if they were that against it, we wouldn't test her. We did decide to send her to the smaller, more "country" school of which they can't ride the bus since we're supposed to go to the other school. I talked to a higher-up last year, who said they should be able to ride, since buses do go right past our house.

Well, I got the same rude lady I did 3 years ago when I called this morning, because before we weren't sure if we wanted them to ride the bus anyway. Well, gas prices being what they are, even 8 miles a day adds up, and since we're paying taxes anyway, we might as well use the amenities, right? WRONG! Even though one bus goes right past our house, they can't ride it! Apparently, it is just for handicapped kids. I said that's fine, I don't mind if my kids ride a bus with handicapped kids, my kids don't care about stuff like that. They said only special needs kids can ride the bus. I say, technically my daughter is special needs, because she is gifted, and gifted kids get special needs privileges, too, just of a different kind. She basically said nice try. I say, but the lady at the bakery's granddaughter lives on the other side of town, and she's in my daughter's come she gets to ride a bus? Rude lady: Because, that school isn't doing well and the No Child Left Behind act says kids can go to a better school in the same district. Me: But, my daughter's needs weren't going to be met at the school she was at, and I didn't want her to "be left behind" so that's why we're going to a different school. (The gifted coordinator even chewed the principal at that school out because of how we were handled. Thanks, W., for another fuck up the ass....the economy, gas prices, wars, and screwing smart kids out of a decent education! Way to go!) Again, just because crappy principal school has a gifted class, we get screwed again. Me: I went to T (different local school district) for high school, and open enrollment kids were taken all the way out there on an open enrollment bus, why do they get to ride the bus and they're not even in the district, and my kids can't even though I pay for it? Rude lady: You can talk to a supervisor.

Well, at least the supervisor tried to work with me. We figured out a way to get them on in the mornings, but I'd have to walk them up the block, and there is no way for them to come home. I'd rather take the baby out in the snow in a truck than walking a block in subzero temps, so we're still screwed. I still might try to re-contact said higher up who said he should be able to get my kids on a bus. I don't know if it's worth any more wasted breath, though. The supervisor said my only other option was if they were assigned to a bus.

Anyway, last night, Ari had an actual homework paper.....and she hates it! The crying ensued then, too. She started saying how horrible she is at kindergarten, and she doesn't know anything, and it's too hard. So, I'm off to email the teacher when I'm done blogging (priorities, you know ;0) to see if there is anything extra we can work on, and if she's doing okay, and how they think her speech is going. (Maybe if I can get Melodie on an IEP for gifted and Ari is finally identified with speech problems, then they can ride the god damn bus!?!?!) And no, of course blogging is not a priority over my kids. It just jogged my memory that I meant to email this morning and of course forgot. (I forget things on my grocery list, if I even remember the list at all.)

As for my knitting.....well, that's taken a giant dump, too. Chunky Monkey is not what I envisioned. He looks like Eric Cartman with a pumpkin head. Back to the drawing board on that one!

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