Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Poor Ari, my little antisocial, ever angry, nonconformist bean. Love that child to death. She is very angry that today is Wacky Wednesday. She didn't want to not match! Of course, Dan said last night to give her a pack of M&M's for not conforming because she also didn't want to enter the poster contest, which of course Melodie was up at 6 AM working on to finish this morning. Melodie, of course, is so worried that she might not win first place (I couldn't bear to break it to her that she most likely won't.) Let's just say, she is definitely more on the avant garde, modern, inventive end of the art spectrum, and I doubt a big purple poster with BM on it will win top spot in a boy's locker room! (That BM is for Beat McKinley.) She also took careful planning in her wardrobe and hairstyle.

It's also fundraiser time. They are selling insanely overpriced crap. Some of the food stuff, it's $11 for basically a pack of sugar, cinnamon, oatmeal and a few tablespoons of flour. You still have to provide your own apples and pie crust! $11 for a strudel topping!?! You surely can make that for 75 cents from your own pantry. And of course, both of them have to sell. I suppose I could combine them and make them split the prizes, but that never works. Plus, the classes are competing against each other for a pizza party. To win anything worth anything, you have to sell 25 items, and that's for a soccer ball...times 2! I'm sorry, but I'll just buy the soccer ball, thanks. It's cheaper! Actually, the top selling prize is pretty nice, but you have to sell 90 things to get it. You can choose between a portable DVD player and an overnight stay at a local indoor water park for 4. They say not to go door to door, but who can sell that much? I have a HUGE family, and we will be nowhere close. We won't even be close to getting them both a soccer ball.

Well, last night I almost got Charlie's baby donkey-dragon done for his costume! I've got 3 legs and the wings to do, then the assembly. I need to get started on my transfiguration homework for the House Cup, too. I'm making a felted DPN first felted project! Well, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go. (If not, I'll never get done today, and I have to finish at least one costume tonight, or I'll never get them all done in time!)

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