Friday, October 24, 2008

Palin blessed against "witchcraft"

Ok, this is scary. As a pagan, it really bothers me that a person that could be deciding the law of the land (let's face it, McCain is old, he's had poor health, the odds aren't good for the next 4 years) is like this. A person that narrow-minded could be deciding on HER morals what is good for the country. Does that mean paganism will become outlawed? I love this rebuttal. Thanks to SpiderWitch on Rav for posting these! Scary, scary stuff. It's one thing to agree to disagree, but this is too much. As Deborah said, don't worry Sarah Palin, this witch will stay far, far away from you! I wouldn't want to get pitbull lipstick or $150,000 wardrobe lint on my ritual garb.

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Samsara said...

We don't get much of the ins and outs of the election stuff here, but from what I've heard, Palin is more of a danger than even Bush was, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her side doesn't get in, coz I'd hate for her to become President by default.