Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not much to say

It's the weekend, so no exciting morning down-to-the-wire mad rush to make it to school posts. This next week should be interesting, though. They sent a paper home that the state is keeping tabs this whole next week on attendance, late arrivals and early dismissals, etc. this week having to do with funding. Let's see if we can go tardy-free all week!

My cousin found out yesterday she is having a little girl. Yay for little girl knitting and crocheting! I have a 100-year old Irish baby bonnet pattern in my queue I've been dying to make.

I was the first one done for my Potions class for the Harry Potter Knitting and Crocheting House Cup on Rav! I'm going to start my Astronomy assignment tonight. I'm doing Moonlight Slipper Socks...for me! Imagine, knitting something for myself!?! I'm also going to do a Baby Grab Ball for Charms class (for Charlie for Yule), dye some yarn with walnuts for Herbology, and then make a felted DPN holder out of it for Transfiguration. I've never dyed or felted, so that should be interesting! I have been wanting to try dyeing since we went to Pioneer Days at the museum, though. We have a black walnut tree, and I'm going to fight the squirrels for some nuts to dye with!

I've decided to try Chunky Monkey again. This time, he will be done in crochet in an amigurami (sp?) style. (Which I understand just means crocheted around in circles.) Hopefully, I'll have better luck with him that way. I had been kind of off crocheting since I learned how to knit, but I whipped up a pair of Chucks styled baby booties for Charlie, and I miss doing it, so I thought that might be a better way to go with the Chunk until I'm more confident in my knitting designing.

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Anonymous said...

100 year old pattern! what a lucky kiddo! That's BOUND to be cute!