Monday, October 27, 2008

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Ok, so there's not THAT much snow, ok so NONE that stuck, but we had our first flakes today folks!! I must say, I was as giddy as a little schoolgirl to see those flakes...or a preschool boy, as the case may be. My schoolgirls were already at school. I can only assume if they saw the snow, they were in fact quite peeved because they could not go out in it. My mom said some stations are calling for 2 inches by tomorrow...others nada. It is Ohio, I'm sure one or both of them will be right. And, I know, a mere few posts ago I was complaining about the nonexistant snow, and now I'm happy. If we get those 2 inches, talk to me then. I'll be back to hating it again in no time!

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Samsara said...

Snow? Wow! We rarely get good snow here! I live right in the centre of England and it just doesn't seem to snow more than an inch at a time, and it never lasts! When we do (occasionally) get a bit more snow than that, everything grinds to a halt! I lived for a while in the Peak District and we got good snow up there! I don't like the cold of snow, but I like the prettiness of it! :-)