Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring......

The old Wednesday is boring.........

I just don't like Wednesday's. It takes me so long to get into the swing of things on Wednesday's. And, it's raining. I hate rain in the morning. Rain in the morning means I have wet, whiny children to deal with, and still try to get to school on time (which we've done every day so far this week *knock on wood* so take that state BOE!) Now, we'll probably be really tardy the rest of the week. That's my luck.

I whipped up a little hat for Charlie last night! It's so cute. It's a pumpkin hat pattern from Rav (and Lion Brand or Bernat, I think), and I put it in my projects as "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Cash!" I've been dying to say that, but my MIL made a rude comment about Atley looking like Charlie Brown when he was a baby (which he completely doesn't, and pissed me off) and I hate mentioning Charlie Brown in reference to the boys...but I just couldn't resist!

Speaking of the in-law's....we're going there for their city's trick-or-treat night...which means I have to get costumes made a week early! Good Grief! (In the words of our fair leader, good ole' Chuck.) Four kids, 4 costumes, 2 weeks....can it be done? Charlie is getting a little green beanie with ogre ears, a white turtleneck, gray or brown pants, brown booties with fur, and a little felt vest. I'm also going to crochet him a little donkey to hold. I just decided that last night. No even better, I'll crochet him a baby donkey dragon to hold! He's going to be a Shrek baby from Shrek the 3rd, which we have decided he looks like in all his fatness, shown here in new pumpkin hat:

rav12 003a

Ari is going to be Princess Fiona. I've had (most of) the fabric since last Halloween for her dress. She wanted to be Fiona last Halloween, but the mean old ladies that cut fabric at JoAnn's prevented her from being Fiona last year by pissing off the stressed out pregnant lady when she went to try to get just 1 more yard of green satin because the original old lady significantly underestimated the amount of said fabric that would be needed to make said Fiona dress! So, Ari was Hermione last year, because she had Hermione clothes. I did get the rest of the fabric a few months later, and other than that, I have not bought fabric from there until yesterday, when I got this year's batch.

Melodie is going to be an Indian girl. Thank god! She wanted to be a Pokemon, then she wanted to be the Whomping Willow. Tan felt, feathers, and ribbons are ready!

Atley had his mind set to be a blue T-Rex (because you know how prevalent blue T-Rex's are, and they're quite different from the perfectly usable green T-Rex costume I made him last year that still fits, but I digress...) until he saw the Batman mask. He is now going to be Batman. Mask bought, black felt ready for wings, yellow for the bat oval, and we're debating what version of Batman we want to do. I was thinking of Dark Knight and was going to purchase black pants and long sleeved T-shirt. Dan was thinking trad Batman, with gray fixin's. Atley wants a blue Batman. We'll have that figured out by next Tuesday when I go to the store.

Chunky Monkey is just being very stubborn. I started to work on him for a little while after I finished the hat last night......and he broke my G hook! I even bought him real safety eyes yesterday, and he still had to act up on me again. I've got aluminum hooks in F, H, I, and every other size, but not G. So, I'm stuck, and I went to Joann's and Walmart yesterday before said hook broke, so I'm torn. Do I frog (it's only been about 6 rows) and start over with a different sized hook? Do I wait until next week and pick up a new (aluminum) G hook? Do I concede to Chunky Monkey and let him win this war I've decided to declare on the primate that refuses to be? Decisions, decisions.


cici said...

I like wednesday's for the most part because it's halfway through the week, only two more days to go.
Looks like it's going to be a fun halloween. What is said mommy going to dress up as?
Thanks for your suggestions for Emmy. Thanks also for telling me about the TV show.. I will definitely check it out. :D

Michelle said...

Mommy's costume is probably not going to get done....again! I was hoping to make Molly Weasley's sweater, and we were all supposed to go as Harry Potter characters, but everyone bailed on me. Oh well, there's always next year!

I hope it all works out for Emmy. She's such a cute little dog!