Thursday, October 9, 2008

Four down, one to go!

Well, we made it just on time again more day...Friday, our tardy nemesis. It is pajama day for kindergarten tomorrow. (They just learned about Mr. P., you know.) I should just give Ari a bath tonight and let her just wear the pajamas she's going to wear to school to that weird?

My 10 year class reunion is Saturday, but I'm not going. I had planned on it, but it is at a really crappy little place, and they want $50 a couple, and I'm sorry....the only people I want to see that are actually going to go, I still talk to! Why do I want to pay $50 to go eat at a crappy place and see people that hated me? So, I'm having my friends over because they think it's ridiculous too, and we're going to "reunite" at our place. Dan's going to make bourbon brats for the guys and lemon pepper chicken for the girls. I also double booked that day and have a Tastefully Simple party to go to at my cousin's. Who can miss a chance to get Tastefully Simple food, though!?! I've been waiting for someone to have one of those parties for like 3 years since my neighbor's sister had one. Hers was on my anniversary. Tastefully Simple parties just always have to fall on days I have other stuff going on.

So, when I talked to my mom this morning, she asks me if I want to hear the bad news. Apparently, last night one of my uncles (my mom is one of 12 kids....only 3 uncles though) was up on his roof (we're not sure why...he just built the house himself and finished it like a year ago, so it shouldn't need a new roof) and he fell off. His wife called from the ER last night and it got passed through the phone list. We haven't heard anything yet, but as of last night he had at least broken his leg again (he had to have a rod placed in it about 8 years ago because he was trying to do tricks on my cousin's bike when they were up visiting and fell and broke it then), plus his hand, something about maybe his pelvis. He was also in a really, really bad car accident about 20 years ago, and I can't remember what all injuries he had from that. I remember his ex-wife had a head injury and my other uncle broke his neck, so I don't know if he had any old injuries from that that might have been exacerbated by the fall. We'll probably hear more later today. I'm usually last on "the list" if I get called at all, so he'll probably be out of the hospital before I hear. I'll have to call my cousin who's having the Tastefully Simple party later. She's usually second to last, so we try to call each other when we hear stuff since no one else does.

Charlie has enough hair to have hat hair! I was so excited. I kept putting his pumpkin hat on and taking it off just to see his hat hair. I finally had one baby with hair when they were born, and it all fell out. He's growing it back now, though! Yay! He is sitting in his little walker next to me, just squealing away. (And before people think I'm a bad mom....yes, it's a regular walker. No, we don't have any stairs, not even a basement, so he can't fall!)

I didn't get much knitting done last night. The new season of South Park started last night! Yay! They played the World of Warcraft one right before the debut, too. Good stuff. I did get the cuff and 2 rows of knitting done on my slipper socks, though. Well, 1 slipper sock. I'm hoping to get alot done tonight since it's worsted weight. I'm hoping it will knit up pretty quickly.

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